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Can't see my assets and maps in content browser on another computer!

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    [BUG] Can't see my assets and maps in content browser on another computer!

    Hi there!
    Recently I bought a laptop, I'm moving to a diffrent home, lots of time "on the road", etc. On my stationary computer I have the most current version of UT editor, also I downloaded it to my laptop. I copied all needed files (uassets, umaps, etc.) to the same folder on laptop, but UT editor can't see them! Even all created folders in "content" directory.

    All my files (folders, uassets) are always placed in UnrealTournamentEditor/UnrealTournament/Content and umaps are in "StarterContent/Maps".

    2 months ago I did the same thing - after moving to Windows 10 I decided to made a full format of my stationary rig. I copied all files the same way I did a few days ago and copied them again to content folder. I remember, that editor found them (via discovering assets), compiled all shaders for a while, and everything was ok.

    Can you help me please? I've got so many new meshes I want to finally place on my map and make first alpha, but I can't now
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    Check and double check, then triple check, then check again, and again, that all the assets are placed EXACTLY as they were and that you didn't make a silly mistake and forget one key folder. Sounds like you know this already, but just to be crystal clear (and in case this helps some other person lurking on the forums)..

    If your maps were located in Content/MyMaps/
    and your materials were located in Content/MyMaterials/
    and your meshes were located in Content/Meshes/Test


    then make sure they are still in those same exact file paths once migrating to the new system.

    If you've already double and triple checked it and still can't figure it out, then I'm not certain either. Maybe try the github editor? Maybe even try UE4?
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      I checked over 20 times. UE is not showing uasset files on migration or importing assets.