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    [BUG] Packaging Fails

    Can't manage to package either of the two blueprint weapons i've created.

    Get some error opening the editor about robot assets being missing, and that seems to crop up in the output logs, maybe I need to verify UT cache?

    Check output log below.



    Okay, so after several blue screens and other crashes it managed to package both blueprints. I ended up verifying cache which didn't do anything. Then disabled both VPN and my overclock at the same time, so it might well have been either of these two steps which helped. I'll post back into this thread next time I package something and leave my VPN running to see if that made any difference.


      best is you ask in discord about this, dont edit the resictred assets. if you do, copy paste the class outside of restriced asset and work with it. Crash can also happen on corrupt blueprint or if you impoirt it somewhere else from. I see you did shockrifle. The way you do it is, new folder Content/SuperShock. New Blueprint > choose ShockrifleBp as parent. Thats what u work with
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        Thanks for the reply,

        I had opened BP_ShockRifle and then saved as into a different folder and did that with everything I used, so the projectile and utdmg. If that isn't properly I'll do it your way.

        Do you have a link for discord?


          just google it... unreal tournament discord
          Projects: UT4BombingRun | UTCC wiki