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BPS Box Geometry Editing Glitch

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    BPS Box Geometry Editing Glitch

    (BSP* sorry for the typo)

    I've tried multiple ways to get around this or find a fix, but i can't figure it out.

    I Create a large box big enough to contain my map, then use BSP Boxes on Removal to cut out my hallways and rooms.
    When I try to create a hallway going up or down via the geometry editor, it creates funky artifacts inside of my box.
    The 4 points of the edge that i'm lifting move fine, but then the opposite corner of the other end of it will for some reason
    connect to a random point and create weird shapes where they're not wanted.

    Edit: With more experimenting, it seems there's more than just artifacts. lining up the corners with other walls also causes blocks or parts of blocks to disappear.

    Also: copying multiple boxes rotating them together, and lining them up causes a crash most of the time. When it does not crash it causes every other box on the map to vanish. Restores sometimes when deleting the copied boxes.

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