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UT Won't start from launcher as admin, can't run on laptop GPU

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    UT Won't start from launcher as admin, can't run on laptop GPU

    Hey guys,

    First off: I had trouble starting UT, but got it fixed. I set UE4-Win64-Test.exe to run as administrator, at which point UT would no longer run from the Epic Games launcher. Fooled around for a while and found out that's what caused it. (Just saying this so maybe someone that has trouble launching the game will be helped).

    Second: Trying to launch the game from UE4-Win64-Test.exe still doesn't work and gives me the "fail to open descriptor file: ../../../UE4-Win64-Test/UE4-Win64-Test.uproject" error. This is a problem to me because I have a laptop with some Intel HD graphics **** on my CPU and a GeForce 920M. The laptop will always select the Intel HD graphics by default, something I could only fix with the NVIDIA control panel. It now starts my games with the GeForce 920M. However, it does not for UT, even though I have UE4-Win64-Test.exe set to start with the Geforce. I think that is because I can't run it from the .exe and have to become able to run the game from file explorer to be able to utilize the GeForce. Is there any help available for this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    got the same problem, did you solve it yet?