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    [BUG] 4 Bugs

    1. When starting a custom match after picking bot skill level it's not possible to start the game nevertheless.
    2. When starting the server or joining the game already in progress for the first time weapon switch on pickup priority list doesn't work.
    3. Windows Task Manager process EpicGamesLauncher.exe remains runing even after shutting down the launcher.
    4. Windows Task Manager process UnrealCEFSubProcess.exe reduces performance and remains running even after shutting down the game.

    1. Is this a local game or on the hub? On the hub it's by design. You need to enable Join-in-progress to start the match in this case.
    3. Clicking the close icon on the launcher now sends it to tray, so it's by design.
    4. This process is spawned by both, game and the launcher, so if you still have launcher running, it's it's it's very likely a process belonging to the launcher. To be specific this the process of integrated Chromium browser and may belong to another application. I know for sure that new GitHub client also spawns this process.
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