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    Resolution madness

    I am unable to select 5120x2880 fullscreen anymore. This madness started with paragon and now UT is the victom too.
    Can somebody help me out what's happening here?

    I'm running Win 10 64 with tw Titans X with SLI profile 0x080000F5 forced

    You could try the 'setres 5120x2880' console command if non-selectable through the menu.


      There are some issues with running the game on high or uncommon resolution. Currently workaround is using setres command as l1nk- has suggested. You can also go into the launcher settings to Unreal Tournament section and add -forceres command line argument there:

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      BTW, forcing SLI profile is currently useless for both Paragon and UT as the games don't support SLI or Crossfire at the moment.

      Click image for larger version

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        I will look at it thanks

        With the mentioned SLI AFR-bits I have great two way SLI-scaling on most UE4-games, altough UT itself flickers a bit. In that case less aggressive bits can be used (like 0x080010F5 )
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          Thanks, confirming that you get this with all fullscreen resolutions on 4:3 CRT monitors.
          Used "-forceres 1600x1200" to get it working.
          Used to work normally from menu some time ago...