Hi UT fans, Cro here, and I want to pass on some tips and suggestions on how to troubleshoot and request aid in troubleshooting some technical problems with installing and playing the Pre-Alpha. This list is not all inclusive, and I do plan to keep the OP up-to-date as much as possible. *If I post incorrect information, please be kind and correct me. Also, feel free to suggest information you feel is pertinent and I will add it in.

My thought for this thread is to make it helpful to the potential flood of new players we might be seeing over the coming weeks and months. I don't intend for this to be a catch-all thr for all technical issues, but a place users can refer for assistance.


When requesting assistance, please provide as much of the following information as possible. The more information you can provide will give you a better chance for a fix to be found and successfully implemented.

1. Operating system, type and service packs (ie-Windows 7 64-bit SP1)
2. CPU (ie-Intel i7 4770)
3. System memory and amount
4. Video card and driver version
5. DirectX version (if running Windows)
6. UT Pre-Alpha Build name (to make sure you have the current build)
7. Visual C++ 2013 redistributables and which directory(s) you installed them in


If the game keeps crashing on startup, and you get the old Windows 0xc00007b error, don't panic. You likely need to re-install the Visual C++ Redistributables as Administrator.


A thread exists on helping to resolve this issue. Please click here.


If you are having issues finding servers, try RushPL's UTLauncher. It is easy to use and does wonders for your complexion. And it hooks you up to servers, too.

If you cannot connect to servers, please provide as much information as possible.


If your setting aren't sticking in the .ini files, make sure you set the file properties Read Only box to unticked. You can re-tick it after saving your new settings.