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Launcher Cant log in, cant join servers etc.

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    Launcher Cant log in, cant join servers etc.

    I recently installed Windows since many years as a Linux user. I have a too old GFX to play the game in Linux (Disco Light bug), but I can manage to play it in Windows.
    I have a lot of trouble playing this on Windows as I mostly cant log in to play online. I do not have these troubles to log in in Linux.

    The problems i have is not consistent
    Trying to log in with Launcher I get these errors:
    Error Code: AS-3
    Error Code: ES-0002
    It happens i can log in some times, but it takes a long time.

    If i manage to login in Launcher, starting the game mostly hangs on "..Loading Settings.."
    Sometimes it happens i can login all the way into the game (takes a very long time), but then I mostly cant see any servers.
    It have happened I can see servers but then I cant join.

    I only managed once to join as a spectator yesterday, but that's it.

    I do run a Nextcloud server connected to my router, and it uses port 443 and 80. I tried removing the port forward on those ports in my router but it does not help.

    Please please help!!

    Alright I know it may sound like something obvious - but who knows. What about built-in windows firewall? Have you checked these settings as well? Any additional AV program? Which Windows are you running?


      I have disabled Windows firewall. I disabled it from the GUI and also in services. I'm running Windows 10. I did managed yesterday to play on-line late last night:

      I started the Luncher connecting off-line.
      Started the game without logging in.
      Within the game, I logged in.

      All this takes a really long time. About 5 - 10 minutes all in all. I don't know how long its supposed to take.


        Hi Eazy Could you go to and click on the "Email us" button so we can troubleshoot with you?

        Thank you!
        Stacey Conley
        Unreal Tournament Community Manager
        Epic Games, Inc.
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          Well, there was not much help from you troubleshooting my problem. In the mail I sent, I linked to this thread and the answer I got was nothing i didn't tried already. I have open the ports needed in my router but still have problems connecting to my account in the launcher and in the game.

          I have tried all I can think of but nothing helps. I even put my computer in DMZ and it didn't help. The only thing more i can think of is that my account is messed up somehow and does not allow me to log in. I have on this computer both Windows and Linux, and I have the game installed on both OS'es. I don't use the Linux install as I cant play there because of my to old GFX (Disco Light bug in the Linux drivers) but I have tried to log in to the game. I can log in in the Linux install but i don't see any servers. Only empty Hubs.

          Now i don't have more information to give you, unless you want some logs from the Launcher or the game. Would you mind taking another look at my problem, or should i give up?


            I gave up on this, but after I recently bought a new gfx, I thought I had to try to solve this. I was suspecting my router, an old Netgear WNR-3500L was to blame somehow, and it was. I tried to fix it with resetting the router with the 30-30-30 reset, open ports, update to latest firmware, etc. but nothing worked. Finally I installed a DD-WRT firmware on it, and that solved my problem with UT4. Just thought I share that if other have the same problem.


              hi epic games, i have a problem that is an error
              error code : AS-3
              my account :

              I cant resolve it with myself pls resolve it


                Epic games is good for me to repley


                  I can play a single game