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UI issues in fullscreen.

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    UI issues in fullscreen.

    Whenever I'm in fullscreen mode, (none of this happens in windowed fullscreen) the input of the cursor is fubar for some reason.

    1) I have my taskbar positioned at the top of my screen on my desktop. if I have any items on there that are "under" any in-game menu items, my input will choose the taskbar item instead of what I'm clicking on in the game ui. For example, if I have some a shortcut icon that sits right under where it says "PLAY' in the game UI and click play, it will instead minimize my game and choose to openthe program the shortcut ws for instead. If there's an item open on my taskbar, and I hover my mouse cursor in the game UI where that item is, it will minimize my game and open the taskbar preview window, etc.

    2) When in fullscreen mode, my mouse cursor input is registering about half an inch above my actual cursor. For example, if I hover my mouse directly on a square checkbox in the options menus it won't register. if I move the mouse slightly BELOW the square, (to the point eh cursor arrow doesn't even touch it) it will then highlight blue as if my cursor is directly on it.

    Again neither of these issues are prevalent in fullscreen windowed but I personally prefer fullscreen mode and these seem like very odd issues to be having. Any input on this would be appreciated as it's definitely a bug of some sort. I can provide a video on youtube or something most likely if you'd like to see this firsthand.

    Tried to attach a dxdiag but the forum says invalid file.

    Hi, this issue has been logged and is being worked on:
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      i have an issue as well when i resently downloaded the game it didnt let me change settings like it was glitched and the game was on the side of my screeen help