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Streamed content not downloading?

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  • Streamed content not downloading?

    So after a break I wanted to play on the PHX server again. Unfortunately, whenever I join a game I am almost immediately kicked out.
    When looking at the logs it seems that the packages are not being downloaded or something?
    Any ideas how can I resolve this?

    Attaching the relevant logs....
    Some lines that were repeated, or were very similar were replaced with [...] to mit the 20000 character limit for an attachment.
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    We'll look into this. Thanks!


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      Hi Olaf,

      Apologies for any inconvenience this issue may have caused but thanks for the report. We have contacted one of the admins of the HUB and they are aware of the issue. It was mentioned that this problem should be resolved soon. If anymore issues show up please let us know.


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        So, it is a problem of PHX server and not really the issue of the game?
        Thank you so much for looking into it nevertheless, contacting them for me and getting a response back.
        You guys are awesome! You deserve some warm hugs!


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          Hello everybody.

          We ( are experiencing the exact same issue with our own redirect, which run's on top of our regular production web hosting. We searched the cause for this issue the past five days.

          The issue is UT sending malformed Requests to the webserver. While nginx is doing it's best to deliver it's content no matter what, Apache2 (pretty much THE default webserver on every Linux distribution) is expecting a valid request respecting the HTTP protocol.

          AH03448: HTTP Request Line; Excess whitespace (disallowed by HttpProtocolOptions Strict
          This issue came up with the latest security patches. Debian released a patch on the 24th Februar (LINK), Ubuntu on the 5th May (LINK). (CVE-2016-8743)

          There is a workaround for this, but we won't share this here because it's a risk for both server operators and players.

          This is an issue within UT, due to not be fully compliant with the HTTP Protocol. We need a fix for this ASAP because we won't revert a security patch. We we're forced to disable any custom content on our Hub because we won't risk an security issue which ultimately could affect our users in a very bad way.

          Epic, if we can provide any useful information to you to fix this issue, please contact us either via PM or e-mail.

          Kind regards,
          Ragnos & Crew

          Kind Regards,
          Patrick "Ragnos" Frings


          Maps, Mods and more for UT99, UT2kx and UT3!


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            Appreciate the information Ragnos, we are looking into this issue!