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Black Pixels start showing when high up the graphic quality

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    Black Pixels start showing when high up the graphic quality

    Hi, this is my first topic here, and I would like to share some of my experiences with the game, and ask a few minor important things. I'm a great fan of the series, and I start playing Unreal Tournament almost 5 years ago, and I also remember playing One Must Fall 2097 in my old Win98 PC when I was 6 years old.

    So, let me start with the bug by itself. I've noted it almost when I started to play the game, firstly, the black pixels start appearing in the texture of Flak Cannon, and then I notice in some scenarios textures. I can't specify which graphic quality I was using, but I believe that was the game defaults. After managing some graphics qualities, I've noticed that this happens when I improve the game qualities and the pixels go increasing as I increase the graphic quality, here some screenshots I took (Imgur links, for some reason, I can't upload the images correctly.):
    Game running in Epic Quality
    Game running in High Quality
    Game running in Medium Quality
    Game running in Low Quality

    Note when I decrease the quality, the black pixels seems to decrease too. I don't have sure if is a Video Card issue, because same in the Epic Quality games runs in 20~30 FPS, and in Low it runs around 30 FPS. Funny, that when I start to play the game, it looked liked more slowly than now, and the pixel bug only happen in a few maps, and in a few weapons. In any way, my Video Card is an Intel Graphics 520 (Mobile) and my processor is an Intel Core i7. I also using a Notebook (Not fully specific for games).


    I know that this isn't the correct place to say that, but there another minor thing I would like to share about the game:

    1. Maps I would like to see returning.

    I know the game is in early/beta session, but there a few maps I would like to see returning, especially DM-Morpheus, DM-Hyperblast, DM-Crane and DM-SpaceNoxx, I saw a few mods of these maps for the game, but many of them have broken links and I don't have any idea how to put Mods in the game.

    2. Modes I would like to see returning:

    Bombing Run, Double Domination and Assault gave me a lot of fun in older games, and I would like to see them returning, no with a specific map, only two BR-Skylines and DOM-Suntemple.

    3. There someway to made a Shortcut for the game by itself without needing to start EpicGames Launcher?
    I remember I have did this one time, but when I reinstalled the game, the shortcut didn't work anymore and sometimes the game say that it's loading the account, but it does nothing. There some official tutorial for this? My OS is Windows 10 x64.

    Well, I know that there's a lot of things, but are just things I would like to say that I like in older games, it's the only reasons why I keep playing UT99 and UT2004. I'm a great fan of the series and EpicGames in general. Thank you in any help!
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