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1 second delays after shots fired, random

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    1 second delays after shots fired, random

    How sensitive are you guys testing the networking? Only over LAN type scenarios? Is the scope broader than LAN type scenarios? Networking has been an issue for a very long time, but assure us that when the game is released it won't have these issues.

    I've played on the official USA East Coast server, the Absolute Atlanta Elimination server, etc. and it still appears, since almost a year gone by now. By now the engine must be in it's fine tuning stage.

    Running DX12, & DX11. X58 platform. Windows 10 latest build. GTX 1070, what else would be relevant? Cable service.

    This might not be a windows related issue. Might be better off in the Bug section


      This sounds like your internet connection. You should try putting your ping on screen to see if that is what it is with, um 'netstats' I think in the console or 'stat net' (I think that was UT99).

      You can also do a quality test:

      This will keep pinging your IP and see how consistent it is.
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        This usually will be preceded or followed by non reg shots.

        I've checked netstats and I do have bad deviations in the yellow and red color indicators, red being the worst. I'll keep an eye on this and keep using this thread for reports. But it isn't just me getting a lot of non reg shots and weird lag/delays at times.

        Thanks for the reply/help