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My computer shuts down 5 - 10 minutes after starting Unreal Tournament

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  • My computer shuts down 5 - 10 minutes after starting Unreal Tournament

    After around 5 - 10 minutes of playing Unreal Tournament (pre-alpha), my computer shuts down. I am only having this issue with Unreal Tournament, all other games work fine without causing my computer to shut down. I think I'm having this issue since a recent update. In the past my PC was capable of running Unreal Tournament fine without any issues like this. It was capable of running UT at a decent to high framerate and I never had any issues like my PC shutting down or something like that.

    My PC automatically shuts down, regardless of what I do in-game. Even if I stay at the main menu, my computer shuts down around 10 minutes after starting Unreal Tournament.

    I have recently updated my video card's driver, but that's unlikely to have caused this issue.

    What could be causing this issue?

    Relevant hardware I'm using:
    Intel Core i5 6500
    MSI Geforce GTX 960 4gb
    Cooler Master GM550M
    8GB DDR4 RAM 2133mhz
    (my hardware most likely does not cause this issue, seeing as I do not have this issue in any other game or with any other program.)

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    Is the problems still occuring with latest updates?

    If yes, run the game again and follow this steps:

    Click Start -> Run -> Type: eventvwr (and hit enter)
    Double-click ''Windows-Logs''

    Check under ''Application'' if you any error logs.(with current timestamp)
    If yes, copy and paste them here.
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      I also agree the Windows Event Log under System or Application to see what the cause the error was is the best first step.

      A sudden shut down can occur when something is over-heating so you might want to check temperatures of your graphics card and CPU.
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