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UT4 screen tearing issue

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    UT4 screen tearing issue

    Computer Type: Desktop, custom built

    GPU: GTX 970, 4GB of VRAM, no overclock

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700, no overclock

    Motherboard: Gigabyte H170M-D3H-CF, BIOS version F5

    RAM: 16GB, Don't know type, no overclock

    PSU: Don't know

    Operating System & Version: Windows 10 home 64bit

    GPU Drivers: 388.00, upgrade

    Monitor: NEC MultiSync EA244WMi

    Description of Problem:
    A few days ago I borrowed a 144hz monitor from a friend (Dell S2417DG) just to see how it can improve my skill (It didn't :d). The Dell monitor worked just fine, smooth and everything, I had to change the frame cap setting on UT to 144 (previous was 100).
    Yesterday I returned the Dell monitor back, connected my NEC monitor and launched the game, changed the frame cap back to 100, started playing and noticed a very weird "frame rate" issue (although the fps is 100 stable, no drops). I also noticed a weird tearing (? don't know if it's the right name) on edges (See the video I recorded using my phone: I quit UT and launched a video I recorded once from the game using shadowplay, just to check, and the video played really bad, like on 10 fps.

    - Removed GTX970 driver completely (using this tutorial: )
    - Updated the GTX 970 driver to the latest (This only solved the low fps on the video I played)
    - Reset all of the settings on UT
    - Reinstalled UT
    - Reset all of the settings on NVIDIA Control Panel
    - When i'm turning the VSYNC option to ON, the game works without that "screen tearing" issue you can see in the video, but i have input lag. (The VSYNC option was always off)
    - I tried to record the issue using shadowplay to see if it can be seen in the video, but it wasn't (the video showed a perfect, smooth gameplay).

    Please help me guys i'm trying to solve it for 3 days without any luck, i'm also playing Fortnite and it runs good so i'm guessing it's UT issue.

    This was always the issue which i had to choose from back in UT99 as well.

    VSync on = No tearing, but input lag (slow going movement, mouse feels like its on a ''rubber band;'')
    VSync off = Tearing, no in put lag (Would move left and right straightaway, ''direct input'' mouse feeling)

    After years and years i solved this issue by setting the overriding functionality in nVidia Control Panel (or catalyst control center for ATI)
    Vsync =Adaptive / Use application setting)

    It should check the cfg / ini setting and listen to that.
    In my case it was always overriding the default.

    Try setting it on adaptive mode in the control panel, and vsync ON in UT.