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HELP low fps with low GPU and CPU use

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    HELP low fps with low GPU and CPU use

    Hello everyone.
    I just received a 144Hz monitor and I'm kinda frustrated because when I unlocked my FPS from 58 to unlimited, I noticed that I was at maximum 110 FPS in game.
    I would like to know the reason why I don't have 180+ FPS in this game.

    I can't find the bottleneck. My CPU is lower than 40% on every core. My gtx1080 is at 60% MAXIMUM use and my FPS are stuck at 90 or 110ish.
    Doesn't matter if I put everything on epic or low.

    I'm on Windows 10 64bit
    Intel i7 7700k 5.0GHz 1.385v delided water cooled.
    GTX1080 gold sample 2GHz
    16Go of good quality DDR4 ram 2400mhz

    I get 180+ FPS in rainbow six siege in ultra and 200 steady in DOOM in ultra...

    I suppose it's the game engine that is limiting FPS (after all it's pre alpha). Is that it? Is there something I can do?

    I think the game engine (online) limits it to 150 FPS, although offline I'm not sure there is a limit.
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      Hum OK but I don't get more FPS offline


        Have you tried tweeking your video settings to see if that changes anything?

        After the big win 10 update, I had to disable cortana via the registry and remove all sorts of other **** to restore game performance.

        Windows search is a performance killer along with many other things win 10 has. Some things, like windows search, can only be turned off for the session, so you need to turn them off after every reboot. Then there is the Win 10 power saver that kills gaming performance and must be manually set to performance mode.

        Win 7 runs UT faster than Win 10.
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          Hi PowoFR I had the same issue. Nothing would fix it, I tried pretty much evrerything. Clean install of Windows did though, as drastic as that is. It's nice to see 96+ usage in game.
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            skip gpu buffer options seems to disallow the gpu from full use though (limited under 60). I guess there is a weird bottleneck involved.
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