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Cannot sign in through Epic Games Launcher. (link in pinned thread don't work)

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    [BUG] Cannot sign in through Epic Games Launcher. (link in pinned thread don't work)

    I can't get past login. I don't even get a "Redirecting" Message.
    I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate X64.

    After entering sign in details, i get a spinning circle, and that's it.
    My 2 Factor code arrives in email, but there's nowhere to enter it.

    Have tried signing in with Google (As my account is linked), But when it returns from browser to launcher, nothing happens.

    All the other buttons such as "sign in later" do nothing.

    Have even tried a full uninstall & Reinstall of the launcher. and Windows Updates.
    Nothing has fixed it.

    Here's a video of the sign in bug:

    As for the wiki in the pinned message at the top of this forum:
    The page you've requested isn't available as some of the pages from our current community wiki have been removed, but we look forward to having updated content on our new community Unreal Engine wiki, which is currently under development. Stay tuned!
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    you would have a much better chance of getting help if you tried other channels - this forum is not frequently used as it is targeted at Unreal Tournament community. Furthermore, this one is for UT4 development - a game that is currently on hold for several years.
    You might notice that the post containing the link you tried to follow is almost four years old.

    The channel I would start with is - you will have much more luck there.
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      I tried there before i posted here.
      All i get is errors about "You must enable cookies" when i press the [Contact Us] button. (Same in Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari) - Even with Cookies enabled, same error.

      Even tried contacting as it is the email address listed for account issues here:
      All i got from that was "This email address is not monitored."
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        When I want to log in it says “SORRY,YOU ARE VISITING OUR SERVICE TOO FREQUENT,PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER “ I can’t play since Friday


          deactivating my Pi Hole helps me out


            Can Confirm. Disabling PiHole did the trick for me. I should probably figure what to unblock to allow it through but that's for another day.


              I can’t load in to the push play screen I just get a loading circle that’s it


                I cant log into the launcher since it says, "log in in the browsers then the launcher will be refreshed" yet nothing happened when I logged into the browser


                  why epic games says this when i try to login take a translator to see what it says ogiltigt anropande objekt can i plz get help


                    it forces me to login through Microsoft edge and I can't get through that way I need to on Mozilla Firefox