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weird screen or mouse distance scaling, i7-8705G + Vega-RX-M-GL (possible solution)

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    [BUG] weird screen or mouse distance scaling, i7-8705G + Vega-RX-M-GL (possible solution)

    I have a Dell XPS15 with an Intel i7-8705G and the Vega RX M GL chip, on a 4K display.

    When I run UT, I find that the picture is stretched off to the right of the screen and unreachable with the mouse. If I play with the system resolution and drop it to 1920x1080 and disable the external display then I can get the main UT screen to actually fit, but then the mouse acts as if its offset from the top left is only a third of what it should be, so I have to point a lot further right and down of something to actually click it.

    I did manage to get into the game OK once and then played it, because the mouse positions are relative, but I couldn't get into any settings menus to tune the performance/quality settings to make it play better, simply because either I couldn't see them or I couldn't click there!

    Any ideas gratefully received,

    I think I solved it by going into the advanced graphics and, for each binary associated with UT, setting it to access the higher performance graphics adaptor. In display settings, click "Graphics Settings" then under "Classip App" browse and find the game binaries and Epic Launcher and anything with a .exe.

    Win10 Adv Gfx Adpt Choice


      I also solved the offset problem which was still occurring, i.e. the mouse pointer not clicking where it was pointing.
      I usually have the Windows Task Bar vertical on the left, whereas the default is at the bottom.
      If I move the task bar back to the bottom/horizontal, then UT correctly gets the mouse pointer and actual click position correct again.