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Can not see any hubs

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    [BUG] Can not see any hubs


    first, I am a SysAdmin and know one or two things about network and problem solving. I already invested a double amount of hours to figure things out. This is my last resort.

    I moved to another city with a new Internet Provider (Vodafone Germany) and I can only connect to a hub when I do NOT use my (dynamic) real IP. But I can login into my epic and ut4 account with my real IP as well.

    It is stuck on the 'Getting new Server list from MCP'. But I can ping for example the PHX Hub perfectly fine. Also I can watch the Live Games with my real IP.

    If I use any proxy on the internet I can instantly see the hubs, but not without it. just wtf.

    Manually connection to a Hub will give me a 'timeout'. Pinging with CMD works fine tho.

    Things I have done so far:

    Reinstalled Windows 10 Pro
    Reinstalled Epic Launcher and UT4
    Deactivated any Firewall/Virusdefender whatsoever
    Opened all Ports on the Router UDP 7777, 7787, and 15000 (even made the PC in the DMZ zone so everything should be open)

    This are the only network connections he makes:

    Any ideas?