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Problems setting up a dedicated ut4 server

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    Problems setting up a dedicated ut4 server

    Sry if this is in the wrong spot here,
    Okay, so I wanted to test out running a ut4 server and see how my new internet does Comcast Business Class, 100 down and 20 up, with 5 statis ip's.

    But, I cant seem to get the ut4 server working. I have my router set to one of my puplic static ip's, and it is forwarding ports 7777, 8000, and 15000 to this pc(web server works, so I know settings are good)

    That leaves my problem with the software(or really what I mean, is the problem is me )

    So, whats the right way to have a server setup? ( I remember in the past, we could only do this from a source built version, but it seems that is not the case anymore?)

    Thanks, sry for the broad question, ask away if you have questions

    Oh, btw I have noticed that my server does show up in the server list, but it is red and I cannot connect to it.