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Lightning needs rebuilding, but it never does...

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    Lightning needs rebuilding, but it never does...


    I'm not doing anything complicated, at the moment I'm just messing around with the engine, figuring out how to make a few maps.

    I'm always getting; LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT (x unlit objects(s))

    So from the "Build" menu above I select: Build Lighting Only

    It then exports some data, then proceeds to display a dialog box; "Building Lighting: 0%"

    But from there on, nothing happens, not a thing, nothing gets rebuilt, zilch, nada.

    At first I though it was my map, I did something wrong, so i loaded up the "Sample Map" and tried to rebuild the lighting on that, but no dice, same prob, nothing happens.

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, is there any special setting that I need to check up on, before rebuilding the lights?

    Thanks in advance.
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    There's still nothing happening, maps won't build, lighting keeps failing.

    What am I doing wrong?


      I'm up to about 2, 228 unlit objects and NO matter what I do, how hard I look, the lighting does NOT build.

      Any suggestion would be appreciated.


        Make sure you have build swarm and lightmass. If you're not sure how to do this check out the wiki page


          Hi, this is what I have got;

          This is what happens when I cancel the build, calls it an Orphaned Job;

          Its ALL default settings, don't think i found anything on the WIKI that I haven't done.

          It appears it was working then it stopped/hanged...

          What could be causing the build process to hang like that (Once it even got up to 14%)?


          Edit; Ahh hang on found this;

          Now in the WIKI i did find this;

          But is that the cause of the hang up?

          I will try to fix the UV's and see if it makes a difference. But I'm a bit confused because it says "[...]you’ll need to setup a second UV channel for your lightmap otherwise the editor will use the existing texture UV as the lightmap which can lead to these kinds of errors." but my mesh already have to UV Channels;

          Do I just go ahead and add a 3rd?

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