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Launcher update failure for 24/1/15 build

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    Launcher update failure for 24/1/15 build

    Per request.

    On trying to update to build 24/1/15 I click update and get a "Install Failed Insufficient disk space" warning

    Got 12Gb free on the drive not had any issues with previous updates that have updated fine.

    See attachments

    Windows 7 - 64bit

    Post if more info required.


    [Edit] machine reboot did not resolve the issue.
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    Last edited by PMM; 01-25-2015, 04:13 PM. Reason: update

    Think this is solved in the build thread it was mentions some people were seeing 13GB+

    The update being downloaded is 3Gb instead I think 500ish Meg before decompression to its expanded size.

    I have re-jigged the partitions to give more than 13Gb and it is now downloading though it sound like alot of stuff un-needed may have been packaged into this update.

    Will find out once its managed to finish off the 3GB download.