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Usiing Github Client !!!! or trying

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    Usiing Github Client !!!! or trying

    ok i've had this issue with the Github client since UE4/UT started using it. every time theres a large-ish update or some certain files then i can't sync, it then asks me to delete any changes (you lose everything if you don't back up) and then it still won't sync.

    everytime i have to wait till someone who knows more about the cli/dos commands to help me fix the stupid thing, and no i don't really want to do a full down load every build.

    could you please add to the wiki a fix for this
    get github to sort that useless program out, we're now in 2015 with working UI's not the 70's/80's where cli/dos was the norm

    ps this is the sort of issues why people stop helping the dev of the game because it's just a complete and utter pain to keep up to date
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