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technical questions (rig spec, stuttering, NvInspector q's etc)

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    technical questions (rig spec, stuttering, NvInspector q's etc)

    im getting serious micro stuttering and bi-polar framerate behavior with my setup and i really don't think i should be... its all over the place!... it runs at the expected 1080p @ 60fps most of the time but drops down to 20ish every few seconds and then jumps back up to normal a few moments later. its really frustrating. its more stable on lowest settings but tbh I should at the very least be able to run it on high (imo). i tried tweaking the game settings and NVCP settings (v-sync, triple buffering, AA, AF, AFR etc) but ive exhausted my time and patience...

    rig = AMD FX-8350 @ 4.6ghz, Asus sabertooth 990fx mobo (latest bios), 32gb Kingston HyperX Beast @ 2133mhz, Samsung 840 Pro 256gb, Geforce GTX 690 4gb (latest drivers), Win7 x64...

    i don't use facebook, its the scourge of the internet, and i have googled extensively and searched the forums without success. i wanna setup a custom profile on NV inspector/NvCp and experiment with OC'ing and advanced gfx settings etc to try and resolve the problem...a very helpful soul on IRC informed me that ue4-win64-test.exe is the correct .exe to add as the executable application, but as it crashes when executing the .exe (via a shortcut) i can only conclude that the launcher is the only way to actually run the game without a crash.

    1. is ue4-win64-test.exe the only .exe i need to add to the profile? i know most of em are dev tools but can anyone point me to a guide explaining what the various .exe's are?

    2. can anyone recommend any NV inspector settings (or similar profile) to use for the UT4 engine? it doesn't have its own SLI profile (yet) and im struggling because help with NV Inspector is scarce at best.. id love some pointers as to which settings to change/experiment with. can anyone recommend a guide?

    3. is the GTX 690 insufficient to run this game? i don't have problems with most other games... any problems i do have are usually due to horrifically unoptimized game engines that don't support dual GPU's.. this is 2015 ffs

    4. as i understand it... the gtx 690 (contrary to all known logic and bull**** advertising) only has 2gb of available VRAM atm regardless of the 2 GPU's. will new gfx API's such as DX12, glNext/vulcan use all of the VRAM on both chips? tbh im sick of buying games on launch (or when a steam sale is on ) and then crying because 1080p @ 60fps just isn't possible... that's totally unacceptable in 2015 imo. Im not a rich man (kids will do that to you) and cant afford to update my card atm. if i win the lottery i guess ill be buying a single chip card :/

    any help greatly appreciated