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Copying client to another PC

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    Copying client to another PC

    My internet is not the fastest, and hogging it to re-download entire 6 GB is quite a hassle.
    Is there a way to copy installed client to another machine?
    There was no problem with launcher because I could copy .msi and install there, however game client is a no-go.
    Simple copy-paste ends up in failure b/c it doesn't appear in the launcher.

    Is there a work around for this?

    I would wish for that also but it's doubtful, maybe if the second pc has exactly the same OS and you can find and copy the registry entries over, then it might work for you....

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      uiasdnmb have a good idea.. "making portable" ! Yes, would be nice, if UT4.0 able to make portable it is, with one file or something..
      an inifile like "portable.ini" and if this exist, put the whole configuration in the head-folder or
      in an own user-folder in the head-folder by side of the head program subfolder , in the same head-folder

      to make able for compressing and saving ..

      best regards