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    Stutter in Fullscreen

    My Game is stuttering like hell. I have 4-9 FPS in the Menu. Even the background music is stuttering every second.
    As soon as i turn off fullscreen everything runs fine.
    My monitor is Asus RoG Swift (2560*1440) with 144hz and G-Sync.

    I remember playing the alpha some weeks ago without problems (i think at that time, g-sync wasnt enabled when i was in-game).
    Is this an issue with g-sync?

    Edit1: Turning off g-sync/v-sync in the Nvidia settings for the UnrealTournament.exe fixes the stuttering. It seems like that since the new nvidia driver (GTA 5) g-sync is always on and not only in games.
    Last edited by Trion93; 05-03-2015, 04:13 AM.