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nukkuj presents - 4th fragmovie titled "Insanity"

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    nukkuj presents - 4th fragmovie titled "Insanity"

    The title came up in the end after realizing I tried making this video with three different software (axidemux only, youtube video creation, VideoStudio) and had to rebuild everything from the scratch so many times that I lost count. Didn't give up though! This time I added some effects that I think fitted ok to the movie, in previous videos I've taken pretty minimalist approach.

    Unfortunately most of the content is from Shadowplay so no weaponmodel and weaponsounds are missing in some clips due to background music/keyboard noise. Therefore the movie might be difficult to watch for non-UT viewers. I'll try some different options for future content gathering.


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      Good job man, maybe get a little more creative with effects/text/transitions on your next one and add some 3rd person scenes (i saw you had one at the end there). Fitting music choices =] and some really nice frags in there too, good movie overall.
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