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Crimson - conceptual Unreal Tournament movie

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    Crimson - conceptual Unreal Tournament movie

    So Pacan[1g] and Young Fred made another video which I'm asking you to watch.

    Download [Google Drive]

    I guess that most of you will be confused by this video and will ask lots of questions.
    try to answer them in Q/A form.

    Q: So? That's it? Why is it too short? Is it intro to something?
    A: No, it's not intro and it's too short for reasons.

    Q: So what those reasons are?
    A: Well, first of all, we wanted to practice a bit with UT's demo viewer and with game's capabilities in terms of video making. We also wanted to do some visual tricks and made them without any complex techniques. Oh, and there's also a message.

    Q: What message?
    A: The message to Epic. All we want to say with this video is that time for the alpha season has come. Of course, we are not game developers. But we are players and we love Unreal Tournament. We've been watching game's lifecycle since it's started in 2014. And it's still in pre-alpha. We want our beloved game to be upgraded, as many others. Sure we're not in rush, but a big upgrade would be great. So that's why there are only maps without textures on video.

    Q: Mkay, so what's about bodies?
    A: There are lots of "holographic spirits of the fallen players", as we call them. That's just the part of the concept.

    Oh, and I also want to state that "Fred Funks" is now equal to "Young Fred" since my granddad now can't operate this account cos of technical issues.
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