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Godlike Gameplay – 46:5 – 1440p

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    Godlike Gameplay – 46:5 – 1440p

    Hello, I would like to share my first UT video. My last dead is on 4:20 so feel free to skip there
    Leave a like of dislike, maybe a comment with some notes what to do better for next video.
    Thank you.

    Some nice plays, thanks for sharing. I could live without the music though.
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      Kinda ****** off seeing dumb posts like this.

      Why the hell are there so many new users with 1 posts.

      and why the *** are u (@maxblakes) hiding links in other people's Quotes?

      WAKE UP CARBON!- your always active can you not see what is happening to the forums?
      I undertsand this thread is old- but Carbon surely u get tagged in messages when peopel reply to this?- you love the forums, please be active in notifying admin of the crazy ****.

      ^^ no - i did not click the link

      Admin need to purge every new user from these forums ASAP - flagged reported etc
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