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    Team Colours

    Its a small thing but something that I would really like to see in something like UT, a lack of restrictions when it comes to the team colour, Red and Blue if far overdone and are personally 2 of my most hated colours, and so is only 2 teams but I will leave that for another topic.

    I have not used the unreal engine as much as I probably should have, but I know that the capability is there with that material editor so that only one skin would be required with an opacity map over the dynamic colour areas.

    There are several problems that I could see this causing listed below with a possible solution, I am interested to see what other peoples opinions on it are.

    How a colour is chosen.
    In a single player or free for all setting its easy to let everyone have what they want but as a group it is a lot more difficult. You could just let the host pick the colours, or have the server decide them randomly but I feel the best method would be to let each player have a pre-determined list of preferred colours ranking them in order. Then when the game starts, all of the colours are tallied up from the players of that team and whatever has the highest value is chosen as there colour, if both teams pick the same colour, a random team gets the next best colour from there list.

    ordered favorite to least
    Player 1

    Player 2:

    Player 3:

    Red: 6

    So Team 1 will be gold, If there is more than one at the highest value it will randomize between them.

    Unfair selection
    Some colors are just unfair in certain circumstances, if one team is wearing dark green in a jungle level while the other is in bright cyan, the dark green will have a slight advantage. To solve this, certain colors could be disabled from the map by default. So instead it will take the next best or default. Of course that would mean that this system would need to be built in from the ground up, unlikely so as default will just allow all colors.

    In a team game, you need to know what team you are on instantly. And if it is always changing some players could get confused and end up shooting allies. for people with difficulty in such things, simply adding an option to disable team colours and force defaults on there own screen would work. The same can go for colour blindness, certain combinations will default out.

    What do other people think? Should the same old default be kept or something new tried. There are pros and cons for both, I personally like choice.

    yes I loved this when this became a mod of 4 teams, those colours were awesome

    Definitely think this should be in there!