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[Game Mode][Conquest Variant]Frontline/Territories Conquest

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    [Game Mode][Conquest Variant]Frontline/Territories Conquest

    Gameplay Bullets
    • 2 Teams
    • 2 Main bases
    • Spawn points are mobile units that players carry.
    • Spawn points can be blown up/have health.
    • Spawn points can be fortified. Shields, Gun emplacements(Forts?)
    • Spawn points capture a set amount of territory(Can be upgraded/expanded)
    • Can be timed match, ticket based(Battlefield style), or Territory based.
    • Territory capture is a bit like Go. You can take large chunks by completing chains.
    • Spawn point will stay active even when surrounded but will not contribute to territory capture unless linked to another point.

    • Can you take spawn points in vehicles?

    Just kind of spitballing but I see some of this in BF4 when my friends and I play. We are a bit spawn point happy sometimes but it's a lot of fun. A fast paced spawn point battle in my favorite style of shooter would be awesome! I have other personal projects at the moment but I will definitely be playing with the new UE4 and checking out the branches on Github to try to make this. I may wait till there is more support, and conquest is implemented so I can just mod that code.