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whitewolfmusic's all-in-one feedback

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    whitewolfmusic's all-in-one feedback

    I'll try to make it as short and precise as possible.

    What I expect from UT, and what I think is most important:

    1) Scalability (graphics)
    The game should run smoothly on a wide range of hardware. To achieve this, there should be as many settings as possible to customize the game's visuals and even strip it down to the very basics, like it is possible in Quake 3 Arena / Quake Live.
    (Personal wish: Even having the option to disable all texture filtering, to get the raw pixel goodness! I love pixels.)
    On the other end of the scale, graphics enthusiasts should have the option to make the game look absolutely next-gen, if they desire.

    2) Controls
    The controls have to be fully customizable, with an intuitive default setting. Absolutely important is a lag-free mouse input.

    3) Network
    UT needs a brilliant netcode and server performance to work and be successful. LAN support is a must.

    4) Anti-Cheat
    It is not an easy task, but a solid solution against cheating has to be found and implemented. Competitive gameplay is the essence of UT.

    5) Gunplay
    Weapons are the heart of the gameplay, and creative weapon designs are highly appreciated. Classics have to be implemented to keep the identity of the game. Read this carefully:
    The feedback of the weapon's force and destructive power is key for a satisfying experience. This can be achieved by animation, powerful sound and perfect physical / visual hit feedback.
    Physical impact on the player models, blood / splatter effects, ragdolls and well designed particle effects are highly important.

    6) UI
    Please take your time to design a user interface that makes sense, is easy and quick to navigate, self-explanatory and looks beautiful on different screen sizes and aspect ratios.
    Translations to other languages should be professional.

    7) Focus on multiplayer
    There is no need for a campaign. UT is a competitive multiplayer shooter. All resources should go into this core experience.
    A fun and creative tutorial would be nice though, to introduce new players to the game.

    8) Design
    Here's the most subjective part of my feedback: I prefer an adult and more realistic visual style, please NO comic look.
    The theme can be a bit dark and gritty, I am not a fan of childish rainbow shooters.

    9) Sound
    Sound is important, juicy weapon sounds, good voice acting (taunts), environmental sounds / ambience and a nice soundtrack will carry the atmosphere of the game. Take your time for this.
    Hint: I would like to submit some music maybe, once some bits of the overall / visual design direction are realized and visible.

    10) Bots
    Not everyone is a pro, and not everyone has a fast or stable internet connection. Keeping bots in the game like it was in previous titles will ensure that everyone can enjoy UT.
    Bots are welcome cannon-fodder for warming up or simply relaxing without raging kids in the chat. And when there are server issues or the player base shrinks for some reason, one can still get some frags.

    That's it so far. I might add details, in case I forgot something important.
    I hope you find this helpful. Comments are welcome.


    Addition block 1 (poll refers only to the part before, feel free to comment on the new stuff)

    In terms of the game design, I suggest - as most people - taking parts from UT '99 and 2k4 into account, but also bringing in some fresh air. UT 3 had an unpleasant art design with those weird tentacle things 'n stuff. Not all about it was bad, but it just didn't feel right. What annoyed me the most was the visual clutter in UT3. Please avoid clutter both in terms of visuals, but most importantly in the map designs as well. Navigating the maps should look and feel easy and smooth. Too many small details in the geometry are distracting. I know you have this beautiful engine with all those capabilities, but use them mostly for textures, animations, lighting, physics and particles. If you want to add visual detail, add most of it to distant backgrounds, not the actual arena the players navigate through.

    I highly suggest community choices for artwork decisions between multiple example drawings for the different aspects like level assets, characters and weapons. The team from Natural Selection 2 did this, and it proved to be quite successful.

    Defining some map design recommendations:

    - Surreal, creative environments
    - Avoid too many small structures in the geometry and art assets around the walkable parts of the map, add most detail to distant backgrounds. A clean mesh will avoid problems with hitboxes and allow for fluid movement.
    - Add structure to the maps by using differently colored lighting and unique visuals and ambient sounds for the different parts of the map, to make navigation easy.
    - Implement classics (Deck16!), maybe consider some maps from Unreal Gold (not Tournament), including dark match.
    - Interactive traps could add a neat flavor to the maps.
    - A limited amount of destructable environments could add tactical elements to the game and show off the nice, modern physics. Maybe being able to destroy some light sources for hiding in some parts of the map?


    Here is a post in which I wrote down my thoughts about the translocator:
    Yep, that's pretty much what UT needs.
    Nah, I disagree with most of your points.
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