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    Vehicles concepts and other

    My name is Joseph,
    I've been playing unreal tournament 3 daily for the past three years, it's the best game I have ever played. For me, i prefer the vehicles warfare mod
    I'm a udk user for a couple of years now.
    I am a programmer but I only little experience in game programming so I can't help much with the code.
    But I am a good 3D modeller and I would like to help with the graphics mainly the vehicles, I already have an awesome concept and drawings for an aircraft that i would love to share.

    In addition, I would like to say that the offline version of UT3 is amazing, of course theres a few exploitable bugs and the bots can be really dumb sometimes but still the gameplay is great.
    But online the game needs a few tweaks like for example players dies way too easy.
    And it's missing that feeling when you sense the opponent is dead when you kill him;the projectile hit sounds need improvement to make it more real.
    A third party should be added to the game other then the necris, a party that uses for vehicles some sort of giant shielded creatures like a rhinoceros.
    The online play should focus more on teamwork, some special moves that can only be made when there's a player around.
    I have played a few online matches online where I die as soon as i spawn or where the game never ends with a score of zero so it continues infinitely. So its need a few tie breakers.
    The games needs to have a fair a way to level the teams.
    A tower defence mode was introduced to the UT3 that was really cool. Maybe add ability to place large towers near the main core.
    A player needs to be customizable, and can level up, maybe draw your own character in a 3d app and import it. The level up does not increase his chances in the game play its just for ranking and statistic maybe even unlock some costumes
    All the previous maps should be included.
    The game need alliances and leagues and tournaments.

    Anyway I really want to contribute to this game and would be more then happy to work on some designs specially hard-surface
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