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    So, there was a storyline post I didn't see..

    I kinda posted my own thread for this (and it is kinda pointless now I know this exists) and here is what I wrote:

    Originally posted by Tycerax
    Knowing Unreal Tournament is a MP heavy game, I want UT4 to have a Tournament based story/plot to follow through and advance the universe a bit more. With that way of thinking, I wrote the following concept story & story design. Any criticism, discussion, "Change that line stupid!" remark are welcome. (:
    Plot for UT4 follows a new recruit (I'm leaving it for blank now because I don't know if we'll include a character creation in UT4) joining the Tournament ala UT2004. I personally liked the teaming sequence for UT2004 so I'd like to keep it. Upon joining and creating the team, the player will have the game modes available in a certain order (again like UT2004). Finishing all will reveal 3 one-on-one matches. I'll be right coming to them after I detail the story.

    After Reaper's (presumably) fall in UT3, Izanagi Corp. feels Malcolm and Necris had done their job and wants to get rid of them once and for all. Izanagi forces decimates Thunder Crash and almost killes Malcolm before he escapes. 6 years after that, a new Tournament is announced by Izanagi Corp. For riches and opportunities that has been promised, the player joins the tournament.

    Malcolm on the other hand, gets hunted almost everywhere but when he hears the tournament is being held again, he joins under a fake name. Of course Izanagi Corp. knew that it was Malcolm all along but they rolled with it.

    While the tournament is going on, several out-of-tournament clashes happen near the tournament grounds and some of them will/can change the layout of the map (Check my "Dynamic Map" idea here: ). These scenes will show that someone or something attacks Izanagi (or someone else) during the tournament. Not every but some maps will have these kind of "out of level scenes that affects the level" moments (which I plan them to be GLORIOUS and helpful to add variables to the maps).

    Beating all of the modes, lets you duel with Malcolm (1 of 3). Malcolm wants to know who (personally) held the tournament because he thinks that it is fishy. You defeat him, he dies horribly because someone rigged his respawner to have one less respawn and when you defeated him, he dies for good. With anger & frustration, the player steps onto the next (and last to his knowledge) fight in the tournament. The final boss appears to be Xan.

    Xan (2 of 3) is revived from being an AI to an android once again after being "rescued" from Liandri when Liandri got raided during one of the early tournament stages. Xan, being the most (at least second most) capable warrior, battles the player. Once again, player triumphs against all odds. When Xan (almost) gets destroyed, he teleports himself and the player to another battleground, where the player meets The Reaper (3 of 3).

    After his fall on the Necris homeplanet, James "Reaper" Hawkins got resurrected as a Necris by the help of Korgoth (or someone else, it really doesn't matter much at this point (: ). When Necris is betrayed by Izanagi and Malcolm, they turn to their most capable warrior, Reaper to command them. When he realizes Malcolm and Izanagi is responsible for Jester's and his crew's death, he wages a guerilla war immediately and within 5 years, he gains enough power to control Izanagi behind shadows. He learns that Malcolm is nowhere to be seen so he sets up the tournament to bring him to the light, just to kill him by his own hands. The plan got a different course when the player kills Malcolm, because Reaper didn't anticipate Malcolm getting killed by a newcomer. He even thought Xan would be defeated against Malcolm and placed the teleporter inside him according to this. Xan specifically revived to be his guardian.

    Being unable to complete his revenge plan against Malcolm, Reaper (now known as The Reaper) starts a countdown to a bomb big enough to destroy all of the battleground once it gets to zero. He says "It was a ace in the hole but I don't need it anymore.". Player must defeat him before the clock reaches zero. After the battle, the player rushes to Xan's body, finds the teleporter and fires it up to an unknown place where s/he finds out an all scale war.

    I wasn't truly aware of UT's overall plot so I did some digging before writing this. If it feels wrong in any way, please do tell in the comments. Also, feel free to write your own stories too, don't be shy. (:
    And here is the GreatEmerald's response:

    Originally posted by GreatEmerald
    Well, plot was always the realm of Unreal, not Unreal Tournament. In UT, the plot was restricted to player profiles and Assault (and a short backstory). I suppose UC2 had a longer backstory, but still.

    References to all previous games would be nice. UT3 definitely, because in the timeline UT4 obviously goes after UT3. Ideally Reaper should not appear again, though: it's a sort of a tradition to end games on a sweet-and-sour end and then never show the protagonists.
    Let's say one Assault map is a recreation of some event that happened on Na Pali, another one is on the Drakk Homeworld, a third one is a space battle during the Corporation Wars. The profile stories, however, will need to be thought up once people actually make the models, and the type of contestants there are in the tournament will strongly influence the backstory.
    I'm now deleting the thread now. Sorry for the mess.. (:
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      sry epic games but the ut3 story line was just... stupid? reaper even said that: "respawners on a battlefield?" wtf?

      if the new game needs a story mode i'd say:
      liandri corp is organizing a new and bl0ody type of sports, in a brutal galaxy for mercenaries, to fight for their lives, honor and money. the governments doesn't tolerate them, but they become pretty famous in the underground quickly and with the galaxy holding so much scum, that wants to be rich quick, they'll never run out of competitors. that could be the basic situation in this universe.
      if there has to be a story now, why not just tell a simple story about one guy who fights his way to the top with his friends, but has to make a decision: go for the money or stay true to his partners?

      in ut3 we had reaper and his sister. that was a good start, but all this "war" stuff just did not fit in my opinion. why not take them to the tournament and develop those characters with a little bit more personality?
      talking about personality: bishop was pretty cool actually with all his stuff about god. like badass saint. i liked him.
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        I'm sorry, but I'm against a sequel, not only because the new UT is a reboot, but also because Unreal's current timeline is FULL of loopholes.
        "If Brock was killed while trying to avenge Malcolm, that had his spine broken by Gorge, how can he be in UT2004?"
        "If Lauren killed herself because of her lover's death, how can she be in UT2004 and UT3?"
        These, and many others.

        My previous suggestion was a new story, that kind of remakes the original UT, but gest into more detail with cutscenes and dialog. Sorry if I seemed disrespectful to your opinions, I was just angry about those who don't care about a story and suggest ignoring it. :P

        It would follow Malcolm as main character for obvious reasons, and we could take advantage of the maps and characters' backgrounds to help developing it. For example, in a certain moment in the story, BOOM! Face's anti-meteor shield is mysteriously shutdown and the asteroid is desintegrated by a meteor shower, taking with it 4 Raw Steel (Leaving Slain the only survivor for being benched before the match, and seeking revenge for his teammates' deaths) and 4 Black Legion (Necroth, then leader of the team, plus three bladesmaidens). It would explore Malcolm's past as a mercenary, his rivalry with Brock (both being former teammates). Brock and Lauren's motif would certainly enter the tournament to investigate Jihan Nyhn's assassination.
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          Originally posted by luauDesign View Post
          Just adding a very quick mockup of an interface layout for the Career Mode I have suggested before:

          A world map? For Unreal Tournament? It has always taken place on many worlds in different galaxies (except for UT3, and it got complaints for that), so situating everything on Earth would not only be gruesomely boring, it would also completely stump the creativity of the art team members.

          If you go along with this idea then at least do a galaxy map or something. But for the love of God, don't shackle the tournament to one planet only.


            I really like what they did in UT2, especially UT2004. We could do that, and I'll definitely be happy if we will.
            The new UT is coming along nicely...
            Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...


              Originally posted by iLikeTheUDK View Post
              I really like what they did in UT2
              What is UT2? Do you mean Unreal 2?

              The planet-hopping was the best part of that game. Also the atmosphere on board your ship was very chill. But nothing there really screams 'tournament.'
              Dueling Flak Cannons
              We see the shells falling
              Together, we die



                guess thats the most fitting type of story you could tell for an "unreal tournament"


                  Originally posted by TrickyVein View Post
                  What is UT2? Do you mean Unreal 2?

                  The planet-hopping was the best part of that game. Also the atmosphere on board your ship was very chill. But nothing there really screams 'tournament.'
                  I meant UT2003 and 2004 at the same time, just in a short form.
                  The new UT is coming along nicely...
                  Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...


                    I see. Never seen that abbreviation before.
                    Dueling Flak Cannons
                    We see the shells falling
                    Together, we die


                      UT99s single player was just a series of bot matches to prepare players and get them used to the basic game concepts

                      You might think this is silly, but you'd be surprised how many people don't know how to play CTF...

                      The Quakelive tuto/botmatch was quite a nice idea for new player skill placement, in BunnyTrack you have to do dodges and jumps, sometimes whilst hitting targets, giving a player a short amount of time and seeing how well they do on this sort of thing would be nice


                        Hey guys, I came up with a perfect storyline/plot for this game: "In 2291, in an attempt to control violence among deep space miners, the New Earth Government legalized no-holds-barred fighting. Liandri Mining Corporation, working with the NEG, established a series of leagues and blöºdy public exhibitions. The fights' popularity grew with their brutality. Soon, Liandri discovered that the public matches were their most profitable enterprise. The professional league was formed; a cabal of the most violent and skilled warriors in known space, selected to fight in a Grand Tournament. Now it is 2341. 50 years have passed since founding of DeathMatch. Profits from the tournament number in the hundreds of billions. You have been selected to fight in the professional league by the Liandri Rules Board. Your strength and brutality are legendary. The time has come to prove you are the best. To crush your enemies; to win the Tournament."

                        Seriously. No plot. No character development. For the love of God, NO cutscenes. Set the scene. Set the plot. Do it once. Keep it simple. Get to the game. That is ALL.
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                          How about having a story with a futuristic, dystopian and matrix like twist to it. We can say in this dystopian future, humans attach themselves to computer systems to compete in virtual reality (unreal) tournaments in order to entertain the high government staff. The computers have a full schematic of the utopia (or the old world) for the tournament maps and some areas are used as a propaganda on how the older times were violent and undeveloped.

                          We can have other factions (aliens) linked to some of the ancient civilizations..

                          For the campaign, I thought of having a protagonist competing in the tournaments with a secret goal of searching for the spiritual aspects of the utopia. According to LoL developer, character development is more effective important for the players than the story. If goals for a campaign is being planned by the developers, a good character design and voice acting is needed for a good campaign.


                            I'm reading it all, see what ideas pour forth. UT3 the events occur on one planet, but UT99 its all over the place.
                            The focus has been on this one planet and Malcome is there. He is the final combatant in UT2003 (or 4 whichever)

                            This new UT should roll across the full Unreal universe. I can see a restart of the tournaments but I see interferences in some leagues trying to outbest or destroy the player's progress. Battles on Na Pali trying to get the Tarydium. Battles over the Skaarj World in space, and so on.

                            Winning series of tournament battles would advance your rank in your corporation or your tier level of your faction.
                            As a player start you choose your faction, you may be under Malcomes league, or you may be in Inuits, or you may be Skaarj, or you may be Merc or Necris. (at this point I see Malcome siding on the Necris however)

                            I think it needs a name but not UT4, Unreal Tournament: Warzone


                              I think it should be based off corrupt multiworld corporations that sponsor and rig the tournaments to keep the people oppressed. Your whole journey is about surviving and gaining the respect of the crowd. You become the inspiration of the people to revolt and topple the corruption.

                              I would look at the story of the Gladiator to take inspiration to fill in the gaps.
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                                It's interesting to me that of all of the areas of the game that are being discussed, this seems to be the only one with such widely disparate views.

                                Anyway, I would like to point out that the circumstances of this game are somewhat unprecedented. When a studio sets out to develop a game, they have to make a lot of hard choices about the direction they're going to go. Some people here want an Unreal 1 adventure style SP, some want bare-bones tournament ladder, and some people want a deep story that relates to the other games in the series. But this isn't being developed by a studio with a small team and a limited time constraint. It's being developed by an immense community, and there is no reason that can't see an adventure AND a ladder.

                                That said, in regards to the Tournament storyline, I'm in favor of the UT99, barely has a face on it, establishes the premise, and doesn't do much to justify the gameplay mechanics or settings. Maybe the year has changed, but not much else.

                                I'd love to launch the new Unreal Tournament, be greeted by a UWindows interface, click on the Game menu, and see "Start New Single Player Game," "Start New Tournament," and "Start Botmatch," or something like that.