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Update soon -- Please fix game for me

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    Update soon -- Please fix game for me

    If someone has a fix for the game please share, it is just too difficult to play it.

    Getting killed like standing still.
    Rockets are not registered or do half a damage sometimes.
    Shock, flak and link just passing through no damage.
    Shock firing double right click shots.
    Shock blast and rockets always hit during dodge, other people are escaping it perfectly from close range standing point.
    Enforcer cant hit anything, I was wright behind him. Seen others cant miss with it.
    Ping is fine and still rockets and flak fire a second after click.
    Weird mouse movements, standing still and it just moves a bit down.
    Most of the times character sticks when close to wall even when pressing dodge, jump combo. Feels like I am inside the wall and trying to move out it is very difficult.
    Playing single player feels a lot different.
    and more.

    I see how others are playing, all above is totally different for them, on my screen their target mark is not even on the opponent and score a hit.
    Their movement is much less than myself and cant get shot, I am like a magnet and moving, dodging like hell.

    Reinstalled the game, was working good for a day or two and the more I play it the worse it gets.

    I just about had your same thoughts until I recently got a 144Hz gaming monitor and now everything falls into place perfectly. Shots that didn't seem to register now hit spot on. Do you have a 60hz panel? Just a thought. I felt like my bullets went right through people and I could dodge nothing until I upgraded my 60hz panel for a 144hz.


      You might need to make a video of this.

      All of it sounds like network issues, though. Have you ran the "net stats" (or similar) command to see what packet loss you are getting? [If you make a video please record it with this on screen].

      You'd need to use or the nvidia built in recording tool to get the best video footage.
      Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

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        Yeah the monitor is 60Hz, sounds like an interesting case what you are writing as for video and net status I will do something although I can now cut out something from replays. This without the net status though, haven't considered that yet.


          Dude, you have no idea what you're missing out on with these high refresh rate monitors. I wasn't sold either until I brought one home and now I feel like I'm cheating because I know a lot of people are stuck on 60hz panels and the difference is astronomical. The biggest performance gain I've ever experienced in PC gaming outside of a videocard and even much better than going to a SSD from a mechanical drive. Imagine going from playing on a gamepad to a mouse and keyboard, lol. But I do agree with the above, network issues can play a factor too since you say offline feels different than online. Online feels as good as offline for me.