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No CTF - Quick Match mode?

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    No CTF - Quick Match mode?

    Hi everybody,

    I just tried out the new UT 4 build and I find it really awesome! So nice to play a new UT after so many years

    But what I am really wondering about is that I can't find a way to play CTF online. There is only the quick match option for Deathmatch and Blitz. I can't find any server brower or anything else..

    Why you don't add a CTF quick match option? Or did I missed something?


    Hi, because long time ago (can't really find when exactly) Epic Games decided they want to push players to play the Flagrun gamemode (now called Blitz) more than others in order to provide more gamplay data and feedback. They tried to reach this goal by removing Quickplay CTF and (I believe) Quickplay TDM and in place adding the Flagrun option and later also that Invasion gamemode.

    This resulted in a significant drop of new players to the CTF community which is now dwindling. I personaly find the CTF most challenging and entertaining of gamemodes. It's a pity.
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