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    [BUG] Please fix Shock Rifle ...

    Hey there,

    the current design of the shock rifle in the UT Alpha is pretty broken. This leads to the issue that most players just playing instagib, without hitting ever a combo. The reason for this is pretty simple. The primary shot of the shock rifle has got nearly the half reload time of the sniper rifle. This means, you can do in the same time shooting with sniper significantly more damage with the primary shock.


    1x primary shock = 45 dmg
    1x sniper (no HS) = 65 dmg

    Half reload time of primary shock means, you can do 90 damage compared to 65 damage of the sniper in the same time. This is pretty ridiculous cause to kill somebody with primary shock, you will need 5 hits in ELI mode and 3 hits in normal mode. Compared to sniper, without head shots, you will need 4 hits in ELI mode and 2 hits in normal mode. This means, in both modes you are able to kill somebody in the nearly half of the time with shock. Is this the goal of that weapon design? I don't think so. It causes players to use primary shock only, without doing combos or using sniper as preferred far distance weapon. I would say from my experience, those players do not hit any combo or hit with sniper, but kill you anyway cause of the high fire rate and the high damage of the primary shock.

    The solution would be pretty simple:

    Option 1:
    Lower the damage of the primary shock to maybe 25. With the additional effect of knocking back players, the primary shock would be still very useful, but it's not the preferred killing instrument anymore.

    Option 2:
    Higher the reload time of the primary shock without reducing the damage. This would force players using the sniper rifle as preferred far distance weapon again, as it was intended.

    I am aware that I will not make any new friends with this approach. To be honest, I like the shock pretty much, but I think in the sense of a balanced weapon design, this weapon needs some adjustments. A nice effect of such adjustments would be, that the ranking would be more skill based and would show up only really good players in the Top 100 or 200. Right now, most of the Top 200 ranked players never hit amazing combos or are able to kill someone in an acceptable time using sniper. If you don't believe this, please watch the replays. I could mention dozens of players hitting that fact.

    Thank for reading and I really hope, that you EG guys listen to players feedback.

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    I know, but it's just part of the overall weapon nerfing they did before they walked away from the alpha.

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