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    Originally posted by OMARHERRERA89 View Post
    You can see the direction of this game is going is completly wrong since CONTROL Support is ahead in the poll. Epic open your eyes, the 2k4/ut3 community already give up from playing their games in less than 4 years, UT99 is alive and active since 1999. And nobody from UT99 post in this forums (or we get tired already because the admins seems to close our post´s and silence us) so, honestly the programers need to realize, the kind of people that plays 2k4/ut3 is basically completly different community from the 99 Community. Pick a side, and pick wisely because so many games coming up, i feel this is going in the wrong direction.
    Did it ever occur to you it is possible to still download UT99 on PC and that is not available on console you jack@$$. there isnt even an UT option on PS4 or XBOX1 so how do you expect players to support it? I would still play Unreal Championship on original XBOX but guess what the servers are shut down by microsoft due to new consoles not the users fault. Unreal Championship on original XBOX is how i learned to play Unreal games and that was with a controller and it was extremely fun. I was playing DOOM earlier with a controller and having a blast. I would enjoy couch playing this alpha beta with a controller also but it is super glitchy dodging all over the place so im forced to use m\k. it is just a different way of playing why are PC users so threatened by the controller. it is only a different option and if you are so superior with your m\k then why are you so scared of the controller input being implemented? wouldnt you be schooling the controller players anyways? more options is never a bad thing it is not forced on you.


      I would absolutely love to see full controller support that is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE. Without it being customizable, it can be a nightmare. I have wrist problems that prevent me from playing M&KB for a very long time and that pretty much means that I am going to need a controller to be able to commit.


        has anyone who wanted to use a controller tried launching the game as a non-steam app and edited the controller settings inside steam?

        also as someone who cant use a keyboard for gaming anymore (carpal tunnel) i use a mouse and steam controller , still a handicap but it gets me by, you controller users should consider this play style.
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          Originally posted by Tidal Blast
          As I said, it would help if players didn't have to carry 10 weapons.
          This isn't remotely an issue with smart macros. Just assign A/B/X/Y to each toggle between a pair of weapons:

          A: Enforcer/Bio (pistols)
          B: Link/Stinger (automatics)
          X: flak/rocket (explosives)
          Y: shock/sniper (rifles)

          That just leaves hammer and redeemer, which could be assigned to the d-pad, or clicking in either of the sticks, depending on preference.

          Obviously the triggers and bumpers will be primary/secondary fire and jump/dodge.


            Originally posted by PayBack View Post
            Any disability that I can think of that would prevent someone from using a mouse and keyboard would also prevent them from using a controller.
            I can use keyboard and mouse pretty much indefinitely. I cannot use a controller for any extended period of time...


              I have spine issues that prevent me from using kb+m for long periods of time, if i can sit back in the chair with a gamepad Im good to go. Ive been using Xpaddder to get it working so far, was able to fix so sensitivity can be adjusted in game.



                Well I can think of something other than arthritis or some other disability that may affect a keyboard. I have ALS and I can tell you that it is much easier to use a controller then to use a keyboard. Who cares about being destroyed, it's about having fun.


                  There appears to be xbox 360 controller compatibility in the current pre alpha and i have been trying to master using it and it worked quite well.

                  However there is currently no controller settings (i.e sensitivity of the thumbsticks button config etc.)

                  All i am asking in the next weeks (or future) releases of the alpha i would like to see a controller config option in the system settings tab.

                  PS: the X button dodge is nice though! and I cannot use wall-running or dodge rolling right now just wall jumping and dodging yet I still manage!
                  And what I wonder about is that, how to bind some repeatable actions from Unreal to some buttons on modded console controller.
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