So my idea is this, I propose a leveling system that works independent of ELO & Player rank ect, This idea is more for the Casual players and how to keep them playing, there will be no cap on this level, your level is a representation of how long you have been playing, so for instance a new player at level 1 in a game with someone who is level 200 will know that the player with level 200 has been playing for quite some time, and should expect a tough match against him. the leveling up could be based on a EXP System where at the end of each match you will earn some exp and potentially level up.

To expand on this leveling system every 5 levels until level 20, the player will earn a reward, this reward could very in which direction you choose to go, but my idea is that up until level 20 you could earn a token every 5 levels, so a new player reaching level 20 will have accumulated 4 tokens, these tokens can be used to redeem credit on the market place, after level 20 you will start to earn these tokens every 10 levels until you reach a milestone lets just use level 50 as an example, so the player has reached level 50, at level 50 the player has dedicated a good amount of time to the game and accumulated 7 tokens you could reward him for his time by granting him a chest, the chest could contain anything you want, from a hand full of tokens to maybe a redeemable credit for a few specific weapon/model skins ect you get the general idea.

The reason I would change the reward system to 10 levels after level 20, is because the player would have 4 tokens and he will be dedicated to gaining more, hence keeping him playing the game for longer, people love these leveling systems, it gives the player a sense of achievement and that his time spent in the game is actually worth while if he can get that skin/model ect he wants. it will also serve as some nice bragging rights for the hardcore out there in regards to being high level.

There is a potential for using these tokens for wager matches, yes gambling!!, I'll use Duel as an example, Using global UT4 Chat there could be a channel for wager matches where players can go and find other people who are looking to put there tokens on the line, there player level will be visible in the Chat channel so you have an idea of how good a player is before you jump in and lose your tokens, at the start of the Match both players will be stuck in spectator mode until bets are placed, the Server will hold your tokens, once the wagers are placed the announcer will begin the count down, once the match starts there is no turning back if you leave the game the other player wins, now i can already see people asking about well what happens if one players internet drops, if this happens the match will Pause and the player will have 3 mins to reconnect to the server.There should be a Menu of some sort with an agreement that Unreal tournament, will not be responsible for tokens lost if you lose connection to the server for any reason, this will then give people a choice before they enter the Wager match.

This leveling system will work independent of Player rank & or ELO. Its just an idea as a nice little grind that will reward you for your time ingame,weather you care for it or not.

Let me know what you guys think, or if you can think of any flaws