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    CONCEPT Single Player Modes

    Single player is one of the most important things for a game and in the Unreal franchise this is not an exeption, the first unreal delivered one of the best stories I’ve ever played and the UT series has a really good tourny like, not so much for UT3, technically it wasn’t a tournament…

    Anyway, the single player experience is important for a game like this because it is what the players are going to play the most when not online (maybe playing with bots) so it’s very important that this aspect of the game truly shine.

    What I think it could be a good and refreshing single player mode (for an FPS that is) is having different modes where the players can spend a lot of time instead of just one “campaign”. I don’t know if a story like Unreal 1 / 2 or UT3 would be a good idea because they are different things of what a tournament should be and they might feel somehow out of place.

    So, for UT4 I would like to introduce what I think could be the best single player tournament, it has 9 modes (so far), they are Career, Tournament, Championship, Character Ladders, Challanges, Story, Firing Range, Tutorials, Shop.

    First, you create your own character in the character creation section, this will be saved to your profile, once you have your character you can change it’s gear, but not it’s race, model or face. You can keep track of your career in the profile and change outfits, etc.

    Career: the name says it all, this is the main event. I though it could be like the single player in wrestling or sports games. This is what you’ll play the most, in here you’ll take your character through a series of events, you’ll start as the new guy, the rookie as you climb your way through the tournament. This mode is not a ladder like in other games, in here, you play an entire seasson of Unreal Tournament, you’ll face different opponents in different arenas in different gametypes.

    Unlike the ladder style of previous UTs in here you have more freedom, there isn’t a defined path, you could start with a tutorial wich you can skip. This mode allows for a really good experience since you’ll be playing different types of games, but there is more than just win to advance, in this mode if you lose, you lose and move on, in this way you will get to see the evolution of your career in the tournament.

    The seasson will start as normal, and after a while there would be some special events were you choose if you want to participate or not, you’ll get challanges from other competitors, special matches were some mutators are used like instagib, lowgrav, arena weapon, etc. You can form alliances with other characters, you can have rivalries, manage your own team or join another, etc.

    There’s also a calendar where you can see the upcomming events, some matches could be at the same time so you have to choose wich one will you play (it also adds to the replay value). There will be other matches as well so you get some time between events to prepare.

    In this mode you can unlock things like new gear, character models, faces, teams, logos, arenas, weapon skins, and other things so the replay value increase since you can’t unlock everything in one playthrough.

    As for the cups or titles there could be different, not just the regular cups you get from finishing a ladder like CTF or DM, there could be titles with the name of the awards or something else and other characters will challange you for a title match.

    There could be different seassons and there could be updates so technically this mode does not necessarily have to end, because there’s always going to be something new that you will discover depending on the matches you take, the teams you join, the rivals you get, everything. You get to see the evolution of the tournament in a whole new way, it will be something more than just winning matches.

    Tournament: this is the regular ladder we all love, it’s based on a mix between UT99 amount of maps and UT2004 team management. I think the best ladder is the UT2k4 version, UT99’s was really simple compared to UT2k4.

    There isn’t too much to talk about this ladder, you go through the tournament, create your team, win credits, take some challanges, defeat xan, etc. This is a very straight forward UT ladder action, unlike seasson the tournament doesn’t have as many things, the maps will be the same every time with the option to choose between 2 or 3 preset maps, however you can still unlock things, maybe things you don’t get in seasson mode.

    Championship: this is a shorter versión of the tournament mode but with a twist, every map is avaible, that means that all the stock and custom maps can be played in this mode. Also, the maps are at random, something like the intro from UT2003 were Malcom selects the arena via roullet, the same is applied here but with all maps. Mutators are also used in this mode but more frequently, more than in seasson mode.

    In this mode you can select different ladders, think about the Mortal Kombat ladders where each one have more matches than the other. This mode is meant to be a more flexible tournament but not as long so there can be difference between the 2. Also Championship mode uses everything that have been unlocked so far and the custom content.

    Character Ladders: this one comes from Unreal Championship 2, in this mode you can select an iconic character from the franchise and play the tournament from his/her point of view wich means some sort of story can be added to them. Characters like Malcom, Brock, Lauren, Xan, and others that have an influence on the Unreal story can be selected in this mode, it could play like the Ascention Rites and each one will have different stories and play different maps. Also, there would be unlockable characters for this mode wich mean new ladders to play.

    Story Mode: taking a page from Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice, this mode can serves as an overview of the tournament, you play with different characters and teams as the story progress. Each chapter could be dedicated to one of the different teams in the tournament. Part of the story could be a basic tutorial that introduce you the mechanics of game and different gametypes and it can be presented as a training that the characters do before the tournament. However, this implies that there will be only one champion and no different paths to follow, this also ask for a well though story and some cinematics, wich means, some extra work and money.

    Challenges: This one, as the name implies are challenges that are presented to the players for them to complete. One of the things I’ve seen a lot for a Challenge Mode is the introduction of tutorials so players can learn how to move and use weapons, and I agree with this to a certain extend, the first challenges could be some fun tutorials about movement, some obstacle courses were the objective is to pick up an ítem, after that it could be an introduction to combat and then the real challenges begin.

    Some challenges can be about fighting an easy bot in a small map, win a CTF match scoring 2 or 3 points more than the other team, survive a last man standing match for 10 minutes against a godlike bot who has invulnerability, complete an assault map in 5 minutes or less, win a match by only using the impact hammer, all enemies only get damage when hit by a shock rifle combo, bots can only be harmed with a certain weapon and they change colors depending on what weapon would kill them, win a bombing run match by only shooting the ball to the goal (3 points), bots move faster, etc. The amount of challenges could be really high so I would expect at least 50 to 100 minimum.

    This mode should support unlockables and co-op to add more to the replay value. Some ítems can only be unlocked by completing certain challenges or achieving some time or score in one particular challenge (think about the unlockable cheats system in Goldeneye 64). Different difficulties could be added to give the players the option to choose the one that the player can handle, however, the lower the difficulty the lower the reward you get.

    Firing Range: this mode let’s you practice with all the weapons by completing a series of target minichallenges that teach you how to use each weapon and it’s functions. This mode work best if there are other weapons because it adds variaty to the game. Also, if there are more weapons, this mode it’s perfect for all the weapons that are introduced to the game so anyone can have an easy access to them and learn how to use them.

    Tutorial: this is the place to learn absolutly everything about the game mechanics, unlike other references to basic tutorials, this one goes from basic to advanced to pro. It’s not designed to challenge anyone, it’s designed to teach with text, examples and practice. You not only read about what you are doing you can see it in action and try it for yourself, going from basic movement to dodges, wall-dodges, wall-runs, slides, rolls, to chain all those moves and firing weapons while you do it.

    In almost every mode you can get some kind of reward and one of those rewards is money or credits wich you can use in the game mode you are playing or you can go some where else to spend those credits, some place like a shop.

    The Shop: this is not the market place so you don’t spend real money. In this shop you can buy many things like gear, characters, voices, taunts, weapon skins, etc. Some things would be cheap and others you’ll need to sell a kidney to buy them. There would be things that can only be unlocked through the game and others would only appear in the shop, some ítems would appear only if certain conditions are met, like overall progression on the game or getting a certain rank.

    I though about something like the MK’s Krypt where you used your money to buy things like videos, concept art, audios, pictures of the team, etc. It would be nice to have something like that, the devs can put some unrealesed content in the game for us to discover. It could be added to the shop as well or it could have it’s own shop.

    For both shops (if they are implemented) we could have a something like the Soul Calibur 3 shop, a background for the type of item we are buying and a character that can interact with us, both depending of what we are buying. For example, if we are buying gear the background could be some shelves with different pieces of armor on it and if we are buying gear for male humans, the character should be a male, if it’s for female humans, it should be a female, or if it’s for the skaarj, then a skaarj would interact with us.

    So this is my idea for a single player mode, I’m not going to say it’s something easy to do, but keep in mind that this is an Arena FPS, so everything revolves around the tournament and there are three things that this game needs to achive first, core mechanics, gametypes, and maps, with those three almost of all of this can be done.
    Adrenaline Mutator Concept / Multi Gametype Maps Concept /Character Creation Concept /Single Player Concept

    I don't know why noone made a comment on this yet, I really missed UT2k4 single player mode in UT3. UT3 story was trying to hard, make it war or make it tournament, mash-up was terrible experience for me. I would really like to see some real single player like in Unreal and Unreal 2, not some weak and cheap war like tournament. :P EPIC plz make single player happen, you know you can and you can even do it very very well!


      I liked the challenge mode in Unreal Championship 2, it had alot of divers scenarios. Many of the challenges had odd ball rules or put the player at a seemingly huge disadvantage, these were not only interesting to play but were also a great way of teaching players how to tackle none traditional situations.


        I loved the character ladders system in fact you have a lot of good ideas.. I just pray for the story mode wont be like UT3 in anyway or form, yeah the mission/botmatch style was cool but things like assault and onslaught could really play a huge part in this idea but just keep the "tournament" in UT please

        And make it matter about how many fans you must have for the ingame shop maybe use them for the requirement to unlock skins characters taunt etc.