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    Originally posted by jay666 View Post
    i wouldlike to see the staff answer to that discussion. if they care...
    They said that they don't want ut99 translocator
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      REALLY? deadgame


        Found the video

        in 16:10 they say that they don't like the ut99 translocator.
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          As of right now the current implementation isn't bad at all. While it is limited, it is almost impossible to run out.


            Hell i hated the x-loc in ut2004…no skill needed…i am absolutely with bringing back the ut99 X-loc…that was real fun…

            GreeTz Auerborn


              Please keep the ut99 trans, this takes skill and a lot of practice to master and be able to pull of such clutch plays in high pressured situations when it's the difference between winning and losing a match. The current trans in the latest build is too fast you can reach the enemy base on face from spawn with 3 throws max, you cant seal a base nor can you destroy the enemy players translocators as they chase your flag carrier. The trajectory is all over the place, you never feel in control of it, you can barely telefrag it just bounces off people and can only telefrag at the feet.

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                UT99 translocator was perfectly fine. Most weapons were just fine in UT99.

                Originally posted by shelly View Post
                I've been lurking the forums for quite some time but had to reply to this one. This is a simple post, but sooooo true. CTF in the original is STILL active while the competitive activity in the other games lasted 6 months. 15 years vs. 6 months. Give competitive community what they want.
                Totally agree.


                  The UT99 translocator was one of the greatest FPS "weapons" ever.

                  I don't think it ever broke gameplay, and as people have already mentioned, the longevity of UT99 CTF is testament to this.

                  Some people do complain that it allows you to avoid combat; well not really. Someone translocating around is extremely vulnerable to shock combos and other splash damage, and obviously hitscan.

                  And when it comes down to it, you've still got to run that flag back on foot, and that's what CTF is all about.

                  Having played around with the current UT Next trans, it feels pretty **** good. Miles ahead of the translocator in UT2kx and UT3.


                    I was thinking for a couple of days and i think that for some maps translocators should be disabled entirely. As level designer i think that existence of translocator prevents some interesting approaches to creating viable CTF levels basing more on item / space domination and pushes instead of crazy translocator play which feel awesome but is hardly watchable by spectators.
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                      Originally posted by Fartuess View Post
                      I was thinking for a couple of days and i think that for some maps translocators should be disabled entirely. As level designer i think that existence of translocator prevents some interesting approaches to creating viable CTF levels basing more on item / space domination and pushes instead of crazy translocator play which feel awesome but is hardly watchable by spectators.
                      What is your suggestion for replacing the translocator? The game needs something for quick traversal, Quake has rocket jumping, we had translocator. Unless you are talking about playing CTF on a tiny map then I don't see the purpose of removing it. It has worked fairly well from the standpoint of always-action attacking, don't have to wait 30 seconds for the attackers to run across the map back to your base and make another flag grab. From a spectating standpoint, the more action on a flag the better, and translocator is what makes that happen. Also adds aerial combat and a lot more dynamics to a game.

                      I suppose a small 2v2/3v3 mode could work without trans and tiny maps, don't think it would help the "standard" maps/format.
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                        Originally posted by «MechikTåj» View Post
                        The Translocator should be unlimitted.

                        Why? Because it's what makes UT CTF what it is and is supposed to be - action-focused and very fast-paced. It's what differentiates the gametype from other games' versions of it. Playing with a limited Translocator is simply playing an anemic version of the otherwise best iteration of the gametype - Unreal Tournament's.

                        First of all, to people saying it takes the focus out of fighting, the primary objective of CTF is to capture the enemy team's flag while defending your own. It is NOT T/DM with flags thrown in; so your insistence that the unlimited Translocator makes it impossible to kill enemies because they're teleporting around "too much" is irrelevant. It's very much possible to kill a trans-monkey but quite frankly, you shouldn't even be bothering to because they're not a high-priority target. A high-priority target is the enemy flag carrier who CANNOT use the Translocator.

                        Secondly, arguing it's supposed to be limited because it adds a “tactical facet” to the gameplay is utterly inane. In fact, a limited Translocator is actually a blatant hindrance to the tactical advantage it otherwise gives the players. It's meant to be used to catch up to enemy flag carriers or to get ahead of them; To reach the enemy's base before they cap your flag; To catch up to your flag carrier and provide them with some back-up; To make it back to your own base to help defend the flag while your team mates bring the enemy's back; and many many more scenarios. When you run out of "ammo" for the Translocator, you are instantly reminded of why this gametype died! You are left stranded in the middle of a probably giant or intricate map with an insanely slow-recharging Translocator - unable to get yourself to where the action is. This is a very fast and competitive gametype wherein individual players' personal objectives can change in an instant. It's absolutely ridiculous for the gameplay to be unnecessarily slowed down, and for the players to be unnecessarily encumbered by a limited Translocator!

                        Furthermore, the sentiment that an unlimited Translocator is unbalanced is utterly mistaken. A limited Translocator MIGHT be “balanced” in a tiny map like Lost Cause, where it is less likely to run out of charges, but the Translocator should be consistent for all maps. In maps like LavaGiant, Orestes, Omicron Dawn, etc., it does nothing but slow down the gameplay to a boring grunt-fest of dodging and taking pot-shots at random enemies while waiting for it to recharge. But most importantly, it nullifies exactly that which makes UT CTF great – A fast-paced, competitive, hardcore fragfest.

                        Imagine playing Onslaught/Warfare, VCTF or even Greed with no means for fast transport such as with vehicles or Hoverboards. Imagine Warfare/Onslaught without the ability to speed-up the building process of Nodes with the Link Gun. This horrible and unnecessary slowing-down of a gametype is NOT what UT is about.

                        The unlimited Translocator makes CTF the fastest and one of, if not THE best gametype in UT.
                        Unlimited translocator (with the UT99-feel imo) is a MUST... please :/


                          UT99 translocator please! ut99 CTF has proven to everybody that its translocator is good. Could be done some changes to addapt translocator to ut4 engine ofc, but with keeping in mind that ut99 xloc was best and most suitable for ctf. thank you


                            A lot (most actually) of people are not going to ever touch the game until it's released. There aren't too many people who want to play a buggy alpha, and some people, like myself, to a degree, feel like we'll be diminishing the impact of the final product if we play each iteration until release. So there's that.

                            I see no change notes... I see no videos showing a comparison of old to new. And most of all, there are charges. That's not what the people in the best possible position to make a request about the function of the TL want.

                            There are additional issues I won't go into here...

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                              Originally posted by TheWhiteDragon
                              I find it interesting that many on this issue insist on attacking the messenger instead of staying on topic. In fact, it's kinda hilarious because Epic made significant changes to the TL since most of the discussion in this thread took place, and none of you have taken note.

                              Shh nobody tell them. Maybe this time they'll actually play the game and figure it out themselves.
                              LOL, removing the limit DISPLAY is not the same thing as removing the limit. We aren't that stupid.

                              I think everyone at this point would be happy if we started as close to the UT99 translocator, play tested awhile with it, and then determined what needed to be changed.


                                This is not 99, it's a new UT. To say that you are the best one to make the call about what is needed because you know 99 better than anyone is great, but this is not 99. You really should try the alpha at least once before you walk in and predict garbage if you are not given what you want. Diminishing the final product? The game is a work in progress that may never be completely done, me personally, I prefer to play it and know for a fact that there is an issue with what I spout off about so I don't look like an idiot. The TL discussions have quieted down considerably recently, why? because it's current implementation is working pretty good. Perfect? No, but not bad at all.

                                The game may not ship with the 99 TL, but considering the number of people that like it that way, I can only imagine that even if by mutator, the game will be playable with it. Even UT3 servers have mutators for unlimited trans on them now, so to get all fired up because it is exactly like 99 right now seems like a waste of energy to me. The game is being made with the help of the community, a lot of those people are from 99 and having seen what the community is capable of doing in this game as well as all other UT's, it will make it's way into the game if that is what people want in the long run, even if it is added by the community.
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