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    Hey people, I've played a few hours and those are my first impressions:

    -Weapons are unbalanced, usually underpowered. I've never been a pro/hardcore UT gamer but I think it is vital to increase damage and rate of fire to an extent to keep the pace higher.

    -There are lots of different combinations possible but they are not effective at all. Unfortunately; wall-runs, slide shootings or elevator jumps are just options, not advantages.

    -I don't have a master-race build PC -still quite OK, though- but I've had difficulties when I tried to play mid-high graphic settings. I'm pretty sure it will be fixed in a few months.

    -Not being an hardcore gamer doesn't mean being a total newcomer. Please stay loyal to old UT games and don't make it a p2w. I'm also pretty sure it won't happen, just reminding...

    -I didn't have the chance to play all the maps, do vehicles exist?

    You people have been doing a spectacular job, keep it doing. I admire prealpha.


      Hi Guys, I have been playing this game for 2 years now, and before that I played UT2k4 since 2007. I dont want to address the game balance or weapons balance, I would rather like you to tell whats fun to me and how you as developers can improve this "fun" to attract new players.. So I really enjoy Duels and Deathmatch. I really like to create myself advantages by picking up armor and weapons. This was also the case in UT2k4 and others. But for this UT the game developers might think about adding some more objectives in duel and deathmatch, so that players are given more possibilities to create themself advantages. So far this "simple" arena shooter concept has preveiled since 1999, but only for a small playerbase. Deathmatch and Duel are probably the playmodes which will attract new players first. With the new Team modes released, It seems to me that the developing team is concentrating on the old playerbase from 1999, which want the game concept unchanged like it is from 20 years ago. This isn't a wrong concept, but the game consists only of a few elements which had to be performed in perfection: Aiming, Movement, Predicting, Timing, Positioning. This might throw off some new players. So my idea, since the UT staff is also aiming at attracting a broader audience, is to focus on duel and deathmatch improvements since it attracts the most players. I think there should be a solution for adding a few elements in the classic game modes like duel, without reducing its skill cap.
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        I have been playing UT since there was a UT.... I really enjoy playing the single player maps with bots..... there seems to be some imbalance with the bots.... first, they never miss.. ok.. but their weapons seem a lot more powerful, I hit them 2-3 times to kill, they hit me once and it's lights out.
        maybe someone can look into this.......The gameplay is great, no problem running everything on high..... keep up the great work, and thank you for hours of fun.


          Dude, this is UNREAL Tournament, not counter strike!
          It's far fetched and unrealistic and Awesome!


            the flack cannon is absolutely useless, I used to rely on it for kills
            Can't do as much ranged damage anymore and seems like the metal shards are much less than before.
            It looks and sounds great though.

            also the sound for walking is annoying and unrealistic.

            just my experience.


              Hi, I am a fan of the original game. Stoked to see this new version and plays really well so far! The feedback I have is about some of the aspects of the original game:

              1. Instant 180* turn button missing on the new version. It was a great aspect of the original game, and I think it's needed because of the pace of the game.
              2. Rocket Launcher: Specifically the unique aspect of the rocket launcher's Alt Fire in the original game. I preferred the original grenade function on Alt Fire because it made for trickier decision making. It's the most powerful weapon, but in the original game, if you chose to preload the wrong `type of fire` it became less effective for some situations. The current implementation of the weapon isn't as interesting. The original function made it trickier to use, now it just feels like a sledgehammer with no finesse.
              3. Shock rifle. I think the `large Alt Fire ball` should attract the `follow up Secondary Fire`(like an electric pulse heat-seeker), at least `within the vicinity` of the Alt Fire ball, this would bring the weapon's effectiveness up to the standard of other weapons. The reason is because of the pace of the game, you don't have the time to stand still and target the ball with that much accuracy, even getting it close in the heat of battle would still be tricky enough. A wayward shout should just keep going straight, or curve towards the ball but not hit it.

              Hope this feedback is useful.


                Even in it's infancy, Unreal Tournament 4 feels like the most fluent UT thus far. I don't know if it's because the old UT's running on current hardware doesn't work the same or if it's something else. I cannot wait for this game to be completed. Sadly it looks as though I'm going to have to wait for the Fortnite bandwagon to run its course. In the meantime I will hone my AFPS skills in Quake Champions and Overwatch. Take note EPIC, these two games have done a lot of things right imo. #1 being the Overwatch windowed mode. IT WORKS!!!! Even when the game has been shrunk to the task bar I can hear what the game is doing. So I can peruse the internet until I hear the countdown for the match to begin. The controls for the characters taunts etc. work so well I can request healing or thank my teammates while in the middle of an incredibly intense battle. I see UT has taken this approach with the weapon switch so that is great. Keep up the good work.
                Btw, an UNREAL single player experience wouldn't go astray either. Just puttin it out there.