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    Hud messages

    Played some CTF over the last few days, noticed the hud+messaging was 200% in the way of gameplay

    IMO the right balance is where the player can see/hear the prompts but they're not in the way of gameplay - IE they are subtle enough to be easily blocked out by your natural senses

    UT1(tired of telling people how good UT1 is, but it's true) had a decent balance in this regard, hopefully it can be improved upon

    I know we're in super pre alpha but i just wanted to feed back, this is way too much, IE

    - HUD+messaging takes up a large area of the screen
    - Font is hard to read off hand
    - Text is flashing and in your face

    These aren't good things, human beings are capable of picking up on subtle changes to their surroundings, the key here is balance
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    The HUD needs to be scaled down by at least 50%. The text flashing should be low middle near the weapons and text needs to be reduced. The chatbox should probably have a background like UT1 or something so it would be easier to read.
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