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Some thoughts on first-time setup

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    Some thoughts on first-time setup

    Hello. I think that the ease of first time game settings setup is an important part of the design. Some common preferences of players are often overlooked, and can only be found hidden in cfg files, this can make the first time setup frustrating for many players. At the same time, useless and unnecessary settings are often included in the ingame setup menu. I want the setup menu to be well thought out and fast to use, and not look like it was copied from 1996's quake, so that players can quickly adjust the game to their liking without feeling frustration even before the first play session. Here are some of my thoughts:

    Mouse settings
    • Players should be able to type the value of the sensitivity they want, altough sliders are sufficient to some players they are not optimal. If a slider is implement, it needs to show a value as well as have the option of manually typing in a value. This is important so that players don't feel like their selection of sensitivity is arbitrary. This is extremely important to many players, different mice can have a huge variation in DPI which can mean for some players only 3% of the slider range is usable.
    • The default input setting for the mouse should not include things like acceleration or smoothing, and I think that if these settings are off by default, they do not need to be included in the setup menu (should be accessible in cfg). Players who do not understand what these settings do are better of not using them, and those who do like acceleration often have very specific preferences in threshold and acceleration which means they intend to edit their cfg either way.

    • Redundant keybindings (when multiple keys do the same thing) is something I do not believe even 1% of the playerbase uses, and those who do use redundant keybinds usually only uses them for one or two commands. In some games redundant keybindings cause problems and conflicts when remapping keys. The best solution is not to have the default layout use redundant keybindings. Maybe even removing this feature from the setup menu would streamline things a bit.
    • Useless keybindings like "look up" and "look down" do not need to be included in this menu. If they are included, the player should be able to unbind these keys

    • People need to be able to access the setup menu without disconnecting from an active game. When you set up a game for the first time you always forget something. Players also like to try out different mouse sensitivity settings while being able to immediately see the result.
    • The ability to save current settings to a cfg would be convenient, especially if these cfg's where stored online so that a player could load his personal configuration on a new machine.

    I hope these are helpful, if so, I will edit in more points as I think of them, if not, I will be looking forward to contributing by playtesting once the core game starts to take shape. I will try not to bring up obvious stuff like FOV or framerate because I think that has been talked about already. Anyways, anyone have any thoughts?

    A neat feature would be to put the player in a dummy level and let him move around, while binding the up/down scroll wheels to set mouse sensitivity - as part of this "first-time wizard".
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      Don't forget the promting for "Inverted mouse" since a lot of strange people (like me) use it.