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    Add your own Character

    I have for a long time wanted UT to have the option to import/create your own face for your player. If anyone has played EA's Tiger Woods 08 or 09 you will have seen this option featured in those games and I think this would be great to add to UT4. Nothing better than seeing your friends in the game, really adds another dimension to the play.

    I remember with 2k4 you could, it came with uPaint and some other stuff I think

    What might be nice is having a few generic head models to select from, which would fit your face better


      Sounds like something that would have to be strictly monitored, just like custom weapon skins/textures.

      The last thing I would want to see playing UT online is a character running around with a face like this:

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        This is another good example:

        The problem here was the absence of women, something really serious, which fortunately does not happen in UT
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