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    Duel 1on1 League Matchmaking

    I wanted to give some feedback on the main screen league duel feature.

    If you click it and wait for about a minute, one of two things will happen:
    a) You enter a match and it immediately starts.
    b) You enter an empty match and have to wait for someone.

    Now both of these can be pretty bad, because there is never another check on people actually being ready for a match. Out of my last ten matches, four had players being afk. That's pretty bad in a 1on1, because that first minute can decide the match already, even if I don't kill my opponent immediately.
    So what I'm asking for is one more check, either after joining the match or in the menu, to "accept" a found match to eliminate that possibility. That's how other games do it.

    Another problem is that when b) happens, no one might ever join. I've waited for about 10 minutes more than once. Some form of information should be in there on if the game is even still looking. It's also pretty confusing, because that happens after the game told you "Match found!", which makes no sense.

    One more improvement I would like to see is some filter on maps. If you don't like certain maps you might still be forced to play them several times in a row right now.
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    a) In my opinion, when there is no real player at the moment, a bot match would be welcome to train the map at least.
    b) Visual (blinking taskbar icon) and sound notice (regardless if game is in focus or not) must be implemented in order to show to user the game is ready for him. I was that afk guy few times when I got to desktop to check some stuff while matchmaking was in progress.
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      Two more problems I noticed:

      - sometimes while searching for a match it wil say "Match found!" and it will just continue to count up and stay on that main menu screen, nothing ever happens.
      - I have played 10 placement matches and then two more and I still don't have a duel rank on my Player Info site. Still says "Less than 10 matches played"

      I honestly think this feature is pretty good, but right now it's a mess.