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Small gameplay issues

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    Small gameplay issues

    Most of the major current problems are already addressed by other users, but I couldnt find these specifically:

    No melee on most gamemodes? Not even shield gun? Shield gun was an issue on ut2k4 deathmatch but on modern blitz a toned down version of it, as a single pickup could break stalemates on large corridors where all players fire m1 link gun until they die. And what was wrong with the hammer?

    The weapon wheel is nice but mouse movement should not affect the camera once it's closed. Mouse should be reset reset to the center of the screen after closing it, as it is right now when you switch weapons you end up with your camera moving drastically

    Grenade launcher doesnt really belong to deathmatch. It is useful on other game modes, but not deathmatch. Anything the grenade launcher does, the rocket launcher or flak cannon already do better. I've sometimes hit someone when 3 or more players end up on a small room and they eventually step on one of many grenades I was spamming from long range but that's it. For that function (spamming projectiles and hoping something happens) the ripper would work better

    Autobalance. From what I've seen the game balances teams at the start of the match using player levels (could be wrong), but there isnt an option to (or no one including myself know how to) rebalance teams, and/or switch teams. If this is already possible, no one I've encountered in game knew about it. The best way to handle balance, in my opinion, is give the option to re scramble teams only on the first round of the match, or only a few minutes after the match starts

    You cant issue weapon switch during a rally on blitz. I need to teleport ready to have the enemy face to face, and I cant switch while im teleporting or issue the order so the character does it instantly after arriving

    Footsteps, they shouldnt be completely silent but right not a silent approach is simply impossible

    Movement as it is right now is not quite fast enough. I havent tested it but I believe there's little to none acceleration?

    Epic seem to be making a bit of a push on long term issues, e.g. weapons, net code, etc and hopefully a balance mechanism will be on the way. For a long time, games have been unbalanced and this is a major factor in finding the games fun. I don't think that relying on matchmaking is a solution.

    The last footstep change was made to help them debug it a bit more. They are quite loud at times, but I still preferred to hear them behind me too loud than to not hear them at all.
    Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

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