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Meanwhile in the Challenges...

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    Meanwhile in the Challenges...

    The struggle to get the 3 stars in every challenge is so f real

    It is a tough one. Focusing on the shield belt is good because you both prevent the enemy from getting them, but also get a kill or two each time as the bots try to pick it up in a predictable way. If you can get the amp too, then you should be in with a good chance.
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      Trust me, it's possible to get all the stars (gold, blue, green and spooky) in the challenges. I did it, but it was really, really hard for me, especially because I was a complete newbie at the time...

      I still remember my first Duel challange in DM-Lea... it was frustrating as hell! Then I learned that I have to control the power-ups and their spawn times.

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