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How to improve perfomance and fps ?

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    How to improve perfomance and fps ?

    Hi all,

    With 0 bots and the lowest graphics settings, I'm cpu bottlenecked with low fps as 40fps on CTF-Polaris, 30fps on CTF-TitanPass.

    Which are the recommanded software to install/update in order to get the best fps in UT4 ?
    -Which version of Windows 7 (home premium, ...),
    -Which version of VC++ Redistributable,
    -Which version of .Net,

    Which are the software to update ?
    -Graphics driver,

    My desktop hardware is:
    -Windows 7 home premium
    -i5-3470 3.4GHz
    -HD6870 1Go GDDR5 Catalyst 15.7.1
    -8Go DDR3 CL7 PC3-8500F (533MHz) Kingston
    -Asus P8-H77M Pro
    -24" display 1920x1200@60hz MB24W

    ps: By the way, is there any doc on which settings to tweak to improve the fps ?


    First, with that video card, you need to turn all of your video settings to lowest quality. The HD6870 is past it's useful life as far as gaming is concerned.

    Bottom line - Your cpu and video card are slow and old.

    An i7 cpu would be a nice upgrade. Your LGA socket 1155 and chip set H77 support core i7 cpu. It does not support overclocking, so your stuck with stock clocks. The i7 3770 (3.4-3.9 GHz) is going for under $150 currently on ebay. That would be a good upgrade. The i7 2600 (3.4-3.8 GHz) is much cheaper. No reason to pay more for the K cpu with a H77 chip set. You need a Z68, P77, or Z77 chip set to OC the cpu. There are many of these boards available on ebay, just need to watch out for the ones with bent cpu pins.

    Your AMD HD 6870 is very old and slow. The GTX 780 Ti and GTX 980 are pretty good deals on ebay right now, $100-$200. I would recommend the 980 ti at $200-$300. Lot's of high end factory OC cards available. You will need at least a 600 watt PS. I would recommend a 750 watt if you need to buy one.

    So for as low as $200, you can transform your pc.

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