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Redeemer and other conecerns

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    Redeemer and other conecerns

    First off, I am writing this because I want UT to be awesome!! I have played all the games since 99 and all were amazing, I am a huge fan. I would hate for UT to die out as some have already said
    This is constructive criticism for purpose of improvement.

    1. The redeemer has duplicate fire modes, seriously? what's the point?
    leave it as it was! we all loved the redeemer as it has always been. why change it now? every gun has a primary and secondary fire and this is standard UT.
    And why is there all this worry about noob players? It really not difficult to figure out. I had to do it...we all had to figure out and learn the guns. It's part of the experience. I have blown myself up many times with the redeemer, but I learned!! sometimes I just want to fire it with line of sight, its quicker and makes me less of a target.
    There are so many experienced and loyal players just itching to see this game be awesome and play it, a lot of new players will just play for a month and move on to the next game.
    Please stop being so concerned about newbies! We are all smart enough to figure it out!
    I do like the idea of detonation before contact, well done on that one. Rather improve the guns and add functions, don't remove what we have always had.

    2. What happened to the ripper and all the other awesome guns. The grenades that use to follow you as you ran past and say the most hilarious taunts (grenade talking). The poison arrows were awesome. There are so many other fun and cool guns I cant even remember. Stop trying to limit the guns power. The guy with the bigger gun wins full stop! This is UNREAL tournament for a reason. Not Quake or counter strike. It is insane and far fetched and we love it that way. This is the attraction of UT and this is what attracts players because it unlike any other FPS!
    I suggest bringing all the guns that ever existed and building them into the game. The new enforcer looks the best! but keep the secondary fire like it originally was. An on/off burst fire just gets you killed. really appreciate the link gun not overheating anymore, that will really make people uninstall the game.
    I do agree with other people that the grenade launcher is pretty useless and really difficult to use as a jump booster, now that will be frustrating for new players to learn and much more complicated than any other gun. I personally prefer the old sniper rifle as well. The new one just looks too plastic and wierd!
    Try not to make drastic changes to the game and I believe you will hear less complaints. Please do make improvements and add extra functionality but don't change and remove things that have always been there. some core to the game like the rocket launcher which is currently great! by the way.
    The flak cannon looks fantastic but don't change anything else about it. I use to enjoy getting kills long range as well. Use UT 2004 as a base reference for the new one.
    Lastly, now I love the mini gun but it's currently so frustrating, the secondary fire is absolutely useless. It's old secondary fire was rapid and so effective. again I say don't change it. I feel the primary warm up is way to long!

    3. The new movements are great! I recall in UT 2004, guys doing cart wheels and flying off walls. This is the culture of UNREAL TOURNAMENT! It is as far from reality as possible.

    4. Maps - again UT 2004 had some awesome maps specifically the zero gravity maps like Morpheus and some other larger maps with low gravity where you could literally fly and shoot enemies on the ground and get boosted up multiple levels. My point here is make the maps cool and interesting. For myself I prefer the larger open maps. Think out of the box and try to create something new we've never seen before. Lava pools, radiation rooms...make it interesting. check out the previous games maps. Many of them were awesome

    5. Vehicles - Please keeps all the vehicles from UT3 and the hover boards for vehicle game modes. This made the game way more fun.
    Keep all the UT3 game modes like bombing run etc and just add new ones, don't remove anything please!!

    while I understand the game is far from finished, these are some things to keep in mind from a loyal and seasoned player. I also know resources are limited.
    I find the current pre-alpha doesn't keep me engaged like the others did and it gets boring quickly with only the main guns to play with and nothing else or new except for the lightening gun.
    I also suggest including the different races from previous games and checking out their taunts which were awesome.

    There is a perception that the developers aren't listening to the public and making up their own minds without even asking for input, although I have seen changes being made as a result of public comments. I would like my post taken seriously as I believe a large percentage of my post speaks on behalf of most UT players.

    This is my feedback on the new UT, the way I feel after playing it and obviously personal opinion. I have watched you tube reviews and read many comments and there is a common voice with mostly the same thing being said but seems a lot of it is being ignored which is detrimental to the game. The players ultimately control the success of the game.

    Keep up the good work. as a base version it's looking really good aside from the issues I've mentioned.

    Yeah the redeemer I don't get either, should of been left alone.
    Ripper, yes please!

    My opinions are.

    Sniper should be exactly as it was in UT99, easy and light feeling, not awkward and clunky feeling and microscopic hitbox? some issue with getting hits when clearly aimed true, nothing like the 99 or 2k4. 99 was the best sniper though.

    minigun needs to be deadly and fast like 99 or 2k4, not this slow spooling and magical looking blue streaks. Its exactly like UT3 which was rubbish.

    rockets need more gradual blast radius and not so abruptly cut off. alt fire needs spiral tri rocket flying formation so you can actually deliver 3 x the damage as the abrupt and small blast radius makes 2 of the rockets useless.

    grenade launcher should be as 2k4, multi lay downs for alt fire with no contact detonation so one can pile on grenades on a player and det them at once blowing them into the sky or set up strategical traps.

    current hammer but with shied force field for alt fire.

    Other than that so far its looking alright.

    Movement is good.

    flack, link, shock, enforcers (and dual), bio are all great and should stay exactly as they are. especially the flack as it was the balance and speed I waited for a long time and its finally right.


      A lot of the weapons you reference -- the talking proximity mines and the crossbow with the poison arrows -- were from the popular "Chaos UT" mod, and weren't part of the stock game.