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various problem (weapon groups, screen dispay)

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    various problem (weapon groups, screen dispay)


    I want to report on some issues that are disturbing me. Maybe there are already solutions around. Otherwise please consider those bug reports.

    First, ever since the introduction of weapon groups, I feel that piped weapon switching is broken. This boils down to two main problems that I have:

    1) I cannot control the order of the weapons within one group. Particular example: I have RL, Flak, GL, Bio (in order of weapon priority) in one group. However, when selecting that group in game they come up as Bio->RL->Flak->GL->Bio.. This is highly useless and I try to avoid picking up bio rifles for that matter.
    (Please no comments on the usefulness of piped weapon switches here. This is a technical issue)

    2) I cannot put one weapon in more than one weapon groups. This was easily possible in the old games when everything could be controlled via ini editing.

    And then theres another issue that I have with the screen (in menus in particular) and the mouse pointer.
    The screen is sometimes shifted beside the actual monitor, so that it is partially invisible (out of bounds), sometimes the screen is proper but the mouse bounds are not those of the monitor. Sometimes the visible mouse pointer doesn't match with where the game thinks the mouse is at...
    All these problems vary randomly but depend somewhat on resolution and window/fullscreen mode; but no combination of window mode and resolution resolves the problems. Also I found that the windows taskbar sometimes shifts the UT game (even in full screen), if i didnt hide it..

    Any hints? Thanks
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    Yeah, groups are lacking, and it apparently isn't a big priority. There have been multiple threads about it, and I, and others have made these exact same gripes. We are also currently in a dev hiatus, so I don't see it getting fixed anytime soon.
    Originally posted by Mysterial
    An instant hit, accurate, instant kill weapon is overpowered. There's no skill ceiling. It's limited only by the shooter's accuracy. It also severely impairs the defensive side of the game - ignoring ping, it is nearly irrelevant what your opponent does - click the right pixel and you win. Even non-instant kill instant hit weapons are often problematic - the Shock Rifle example is obvious before even getting to other games.